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Yarl Restaurant @ Brickfields – Sri Lankan yumminess with questionable customer service.

**** After my recent visit in April 2021, I’ve changed my mind. Food here is good but customer service sucks. They do not apologise for their fuckups, they are egoistical and self righteous. One waiter in particular was disrespectful several times on different occasions, the manager does not possess the qualities of being a good manager. He obviously needs a crash course in dispute resolution. I wont be back for another visit anytime soon.  For more information on my negative experiences – Yarl @ Brickfields – It has been 2 months and I still aint going back. Not yet 😑😑.

I visited Yarl a few years ago, back when it used to look like a typical Indian restaurant. At that time, I did not even know that this was Sri Lankan/Ceylonese restaurant. To me, it was just another Indian restaurant among many other Indian restaurants in Brickfields. Let’s just say I very rarely paid this eatery a visit, very, very rarely.

Recently, a few birdies told me that Yarl went through a transformation, from a typical looking Indian restaurant to something more chic and modern, cafe-like. That and the fact that food was still as good, customer service was awesome and add in the ambiance … they said I should pay Yarl a visit again.  So, here I was.

** Which part of Brickfields? The part where YMCA is at. Next to YMCA is Seven Eleven, that same stretch, just down the road is where Yarl is located. If the ‘Saman’ guys are roaming around, you can even park at YMCA and walk over. The walk isn’t too far.



Niceeeeeee! Compared to how it looked before, this transformation was really good. With a rather soothing grey-ish interior and images of random shots related to Sri Lanka spread all over the walls, it makes for a positive experience. I arrived at 11.30 am, when the lunch crowd was just picking up and so I had options in terms of seating and plenty of time to pick and choose what dishes I intended to indulge in.



Rice + Veg + Chicken – 13 ringgit


If I am not mistaken – pricewise,  rice with 3 vegetables cost a standard 7 ringgit and depending on what is your meat of choice, add on another 5,6 or 8 ringgit. 

I decided to skip on the 3 vegetables and instead take a double serving of the Dhal, which kindda makes up for the 2 less vegetables on my plate. Ooooo , see the dhal on my plate? Notice how thick it is? Yesssss !! Quite a number of  eateries likes to serve dhal in a watery/diluted manner. Ugh. Not here though, here it came exactly the way I liked it – with plenty of lentils and flavor. The chicken was similar to a Chicken Varuval. It was spicy, packed with flavors and chucky, meaty. The ladies finger chewy and crunchy on the outside and slimy, wet on the inside. Mixing it all up – it was a truly satisfying meal.

Sweet Appam, 2.50 ringgit


Well, I wanted a sweet appam just for the heck of it, a dessert of some sort to end a satisfying meal and that was exactly what it was. Small, light, fluffy and not overly sweet. I’d order it again. I made a mistake in terms of not immediately eating it and instead I decided to enjoy my warm drink first. Once an appam is served and left to sort of air dry for a bit, it becomes a little herder on the outside and crumbly. So, while it was yummy, I wasnt truly able to enjoy its whole yumminess, my mistake. Do take note, order it only when you intent to have it as soon as it arrives because it is best eaten when it is hot,warm.

Would I head back here?

Yes, I certainly would. Anytime I drop by Brickfields and intend to have Ceylonese food, Yarl will be on the top of my list.

Address: 50, Jalan Padang Belia, Brickfields.

Opening hours: Everyday. 7 am – 10 pm.

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