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Bumbu Bali @ Puchong – An unexpected discovery.

After attending a meeting in Puchong, specifically the Bandar Puteri area, we decided to drive around and see what’s good for lunch. The Bandar Puteri commercial area gets really messy during lunch hour – cars driving through from all sorts of directions, vehicles parks at the road side causing traffic, people everywhere and of course, difficulty in getting a parking spot.Β 

10 minutes in, we were still going round the block looking for an empty parking spot. Eventually, we ended up parking in the first spot we could find. Rather than planning ahead on where to eat, this time, we let the parking decide, lol. Where we parked isΒ  where we were going to eat. Whatever that was nearby and convenient.Β 

Lucky us though, Bumbu Bali was nearby. Considering the area, I would not have guessed that an establishment like this, elegant and one that serves specifically Balinese food would exist here. So yea, it was a pleasant surprise.






After a long, stressful day, this eatery was an awesome spot to unwind. I liked the fact that while it is open – you’d be able to see the road and the side of the building, people walking up and down the walkway , it still is somewhat private? Yea and despite being open, they somehow managed to keep the place cool and well air conditioned. Oooo, I also liked the bird chirping sound effects that they had going on. If it wasn’t for the sounds from car horns and people walking up and down – I think I could have been transported somewhere else, lol.


** The Menu is not in order and some pages are unclear. I am kindda rushing through this – have a meeting to attend in a bit. Sorry.






They also have alcoholic drinks …


I did not have time to snap pics of this particular Menu. So, do take note that they do serve alcoholic drinks.

Nasi Campur, 37 ringgit



I do not know much about Balinese food and so, all I will say is that the food here is good. I went online, was curious to see the restaurant reviews as well as how well rated it was and yea, the reviews and ratings speaks for itself. Food was goooood, delicious. The dish came with Rice + Spiced Squids + Grilled Fish + Grilled Prawns + a Satay Lilit ( chicken or beef) + Chicken Rendang + Sambal (sambal Matah and sambal Terasi) + Anchovies Crackers + Salad.Β  It was worth every penny, that is all I have to say. Did I mention how satisfied I was – very.Β 


Gado – Gado?



This dish isn’t actually named Gado – gado in the Menu. I can’t recall what it is called, sorry.Β  All I know was that we called for the waiter and asked him if they serve Gado-gado, he said YES and suggested this dish. The one served here is slightly different from the ones I’ve had in Indonesia but no less yummy. I usually have an aversion towards most salads but this particular one – I’d have it any day. There were anchovy crackers + Fried Tauhu + Long Beans + some leafy greens + Rice Cubes + Eggs and most importantly, the glue of the dish, the essential additions that allows for a nice delicious mix of all the items – the thick Peanut Sauce.Β 


Would I head back here?

Would love to but perhaps not as often as I would like. It is quite a distance from where I work and live. I’d like to return though.


Address: Lot 18 & 18-1, Jalan Persiaran Puteri 1, Bandar Puteri Puchong, Puchong.

Opening hours: Everyday. 11 am – 11 pm.


Signing out now, Ciao


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