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Kwong Wah Ice Kacang @ Happy Mansion, Sec. 17, PJ – Yup, I agree. Awesome cendol yawwwww!

Kwong Wah sure is popular with the PJ folks. I’ve attempted to get a taste of the delicious goodies they’ve had to offer many, many times only to fail due to it being crowded. All. The. Time. 

I’ve gotten smart though, this time I waited till 2 pm, when there is a reduction in the lunch crowd, in hope to get an empty spot and yet, even then – it was full house. That being said, I only had to wait for 5 minutes for someone to leave and yesssss, I managed to get a table, all to my lovely self.  

Kwong Wah is located in Block C of Happy Mansion. I had pizza in Block B for lunch and simply walked over to Block C, for some dessert – cendol. No sweat at all as they are all located nearby. 


What’s popular here is Ice Kacang and Cendol. They are known for these two desserts. Other than that – they also offer a range of Nyonya kuih, Nasi Lemak Bungkus, Mee Siam, Roti and marble cake. 








Cendol, 5.50 ringgit + Kuih Angku, 2.80 ringgit






The Cendol here is awesome. I had a hard time deciding between the ice kacang and cendol as both these desserts are popular here but in the end, I opted for Cendol simply because it came with less ice. I wasn’t in the mood to dig through the mountain of ice that usually comes with Ice Kacang, so Cendol was a better option. This dish came with the usual ingredients – shaved ice + coconut milk + gula Melaka + red beans + green noodles.  In my opinion, what makes this cendol different from many others out there is the amount ratio. All ingredient in the bowl came in almost the same amount, which meant that when what you have left is the flavored melted ice at the bottom, there would still be enough green noodles and red beans to eat. Usually, the shaved ice comes in a big portion, the other ingredients comes in limited quantity but not here, it was all in equal ratio.  Tastewise – it was good, real good. I totally understand why Kwong Wah is always crowded. They do serve up good desserts.


Would I head back here?

Heck yea, already planning to head back here this weekend and getting a taste of that famed Ice Kacang.


Address: Block C, Happy Mansion, Section 17, Petaling Jaya (Next to Choon Yien)

Opening hours: Tuesdays – Sundays, 11 am – 6 pm. Mondays Closed.



Signing out now, Ciao.



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