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Pizza Mansion @ Happy Mansion, Sec. 17, PJ – Ooooo Pizzaaa! Yumm (Pork Free)

Had two hours to spare for lunch and since I was about 5 minutes away from Section 17, decided to have lunch here. As mentioned previously, I have a liking for this particular part of PJ. The simple, ol’ school feel it exudes and since it is surrounded by houses, apartments – I know this is a common scene but here, it literally provide that sense of belonging, the ‘ I am part of this community’ feel.  So, it is any wonder why I head back here regularly? 

Happy Mansion has 3 blocks – A, B and C and as I was driving around the B block, I saw Pizza Mansion. As its name suggest, it is all about pizza here and since it has been ages since I’ve last indulged, why not this time, right? 

The inside of Pizza Mansion was nice – small and cozy, with a modern interior. They had light music playing in the background and do expect a boisterous environment. Especially during lunch hour, it does get crowded – which was another reason why I decided on this eatery for lunch, if it isn’t good – why the crowd, right?

** Sorry, no pictures of the Pizza Mansion interior. My phone battery needs a change, currently going through the ‘unpredictable’ stage.




First thing I noticed was – Eh, no chicken??? why whyyy??  but they had duck meat, beef, anchovies and salmon. Not bad at all, perhaps I should opt for something beyond my regular chicken pizzas, ey?


Pineapple Express, 30 ringgit





Ooooo man, ‘sedappppp.’ Really good. I opted for this smoked duck pizza because it is closest in resemblance of chicken meat and I am glad I gave this a go. First thing though – do you guys see the amount of smoked duck meat scattered all over the pizza?  It was generous, for real. Every mouth I took had meat on it. A lil more chewy that the regular ol’ chicken but no less delicious. Overall, this pizza was delicious. It had all the flavors I love –  a lil sweetness from the pineapple, that soft milky and moist flavor from mozarella, the chewyness from the duck meat and a lil heat from the jalapeno. I loved it.


‘Baby’ Garlic Bread, 5 ringgit




I saw a plate of this garlic bread on the table next to me. It looked good and I was very tempted and so, I gave it a go. It was nice, tasty. Some garlic breads are ‘heavy’ but this on is ‘light and easy’, lol.  There is that distinct garlic flavor that most people crave, hence them ordering garlic bread. The ones here will satisfy your taste buds while still leaving you with plenty of space in your stomach to indulge in the pizzas.  


Would I head here again?

Oooo yes, I will. The pizza was great, the garlic bread was awesome and the eatery is located in one of my favorite suburbs. I’d certainly head back here.


Address: BG 3, Block B, Happy Mansion, Section 17, Petaling Jaya.

Opening hours: Daily. 12 pm – 10.30 pm.

Signing out now, Ciao.


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