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Tansparent Coffee @ Jalan Abdullah, Bangsar – Nice :) (moved to Kampung Attap)

I initially intended to head to Lisette’s Cafe & Bakery, but man, was it full. It most definitely was not the right kindda atmosphere for a somewhat friendly, non formal first time business meet.  No way. 

I immediately got onto Google, in search of a cafe, coffee shop, some place somewhat quiet. It had to be nearby Lisette, because this was the intended area of meet and cancelling last minute wouldn’t exactly scream good first impression, right?  Anyways, while browsing the net, I discovered Transparent coffee,  located just a few doors away. Literally 3,4 doors way from Lisette. Yessss!






So, from morning till evening, 8 am – 5 pm , this is a coffee shop/ cafe. From evening till early morning, 5 pm – 1 am, this turns into a cocktail bar – Coley Cocktail Bar

During the time of my visit, the cafe was rather quiet, which was great. An awesome environment for a non formal business meet. Other than the soft music from their audio system and the distant chatter of the waiters – joking and laughing about, it was nice, quiet and cozy. Seating are rather limited – Transparent Coffee occupies a rather small lot. While it is well spaced and stretch out – it is small in number. However, considering the cafes ‘hidden’ element, perhaps it wouldn’t be much of an issue, ey? I had to drive passed it a few times before discovering it. Let’s just say that while it is located on the same stretch, it isn’t as obvious as Lisette in its existence. 




I was hungry and looking forward to giving their Three Cheese Sandwich a go but there seem to be a cut of time for food servings. I did not enquire further regarding the timing but I visited Transparent around 3 ish pm. So, do take note that after a certain time, only drinks are available, no food.   Oh well, there is always next time ๐Ÿ™‚


Ice Latte, 12 ringgit & Ice Chocolate, 15 ringgit


Drinks were good. I especially liked their Ice Latte. I liked it a whole lot that I ended up ordering it twice. It was thick, milky and the taste of coffee was evident, ‘kaw kaw’. The hot chocolate was good too, not too sweet with a slight bitter-y aftertaste from the dark chocolate. Niceeee.


Address:  6 G, Jalan Abdullah, Bangsar Park. (A few doors away from Lisette’s Cafe & Bakery)

Opening hours: Everyday. 8 am – 5 pm.


Signing out now, Ciao.


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