Yun Bridge Noodle @ Nexus, Bangsar South – Ummm, okaylaaaaa. Bleh.

This eatery is pretty new, perhaps a little under 2 months old. It is located on the Ground floor, tucked in between Tealive and Boost Juice. I’ve passed it numerous times, whenever I am walking through Nexus, to cross over the bridge to Sphere and I’ve noticed that especially during lunch and dinner time, Yun Bridge Noodle seem to be doing well, judging from the crowd.ย 

I finally got around to giving it a go. I took half day off work today and with some free ME time on my hands, I decided to have lunch here.ย 



Service was good. I was quickly attended to and the guy was nice enough to explain the ‘how-to’ part of ordering – choose the type of soup, the fillings and the noodles. Food arrived fast too, most probably because we had to mix everything up rather than them. All they had to do was serve the variety of ingredients/ items needed + the soup.





Mi Xian Noodles with Spicy Mala broth and Pork Belly slices, 20.80 ringgitย 




First, you choose your broth/soupnormal or spicy. Next, choose your filling, which will come accompanied with other standard ingredients (image 2). Lastly, choose your noodlesthick or thin noodles.ย 

I was certain that I wanted the spicy option for broth and was told that Mala was popular, that plus pork belly slices for filling. For noodles, I opted Mi Xian. When it al first arrived, it looked like Image 1. You’d get the standard tray that has 10 small servings of various items -carrots, tomato, ham, corn, tauhu, mushroom, egg and etc. + broth/soup + noodles.ย 

So, since I ordered pork belly slices, I was instructed to put that in first into the piping hot Mala Spicy Broth for it to cook and then the egg and all the other sides, finally followed by the noodles. As fascinating as it was doing this the first time, I cant say I’d enjoy doing so every time I end up here next, it looses its appeal fast. I also feel like it is a waste of space. The three separate servings of one order, the tray + bowls, it takes up almost the whole table, why is that even necessary? I would have appreciated them throwing in all the ingredients together for me and serving me just one bowl, rather than having to do it by myself. Like I said, it looses its appeal fast.ย ย 

Tastewise, it was okay. The Mala broth had plenty of spice but that was it, no heat and rather watery. There were 3,4 slices of pork belly, which was nice and chewy, the mushrooms were a good addition.ย 

It is safe to say that I will not be back, once was enough. I do not understand the crowd though. What did they like about Yun Bridge Noodles? Hmmmm …. perhaps they suggested me the wrong combination of soup, noodle and filling? Or perhaps because this seem to be the only eatery to serve Chinese soupy noodles dishes at Nexus? I dont know but I would rather spend my 20 ish ringgit elsewhere, this eatery simply is not my cup of tea.ย 


Address: Ground Floor, Nexus, Bangsar South (In between Tealive and Boost Juice Bar)

Opening hours: Everyday , 10 am – 10 pm.

Signing out now, Ciao.





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