Chocolate mousse + Caramel cream + creme brulee Dessert Miso Patisserie

Xiao by Crustz @ Happy Mansion, Sec. 17, PJ – Rich and creamy. Yum!

It was just me today, just me enjoying some much needed time with myself. Among the things I enjoy much on these sort of days are trying out new cafes and desserts. Since I was in the area, I figured today would be a good day to pay Xiao a visit. I did drop by this patisserie a few weeks ago but I did not stay to give any of their offerings a try because at that time, all I wanted was cakes, the usual and normal kind. So, I ended up next door at Food Foundry and got myself a nice piece of Salted Caramel Mille Crepe cake.Β 

Today however, I was up for something more refined and classy ?? Yup, the desserts served here certainly belong in that category.



It sure is pretty, artistically fancy and do not get me started on the combination of flavors each dessert offers. ‘Usual’ and ‘normal’ is not what you’d get here. For instance, the image above, the item on the left is named Chickie, which is a combination of Pistachio cream + strawberry marmalade + vanilla mousse with a tart base. Then, there is another that is aptly named The Swan, which is a combination of hazelnut crunch + hazelnut mousseline + chocolate ganache with puff.Β  So, yea, the desserts here certainly are not you regular ol cakes and tarts and puffs, ooo no no, it certainly isnt.Β 

** Just keep in mind that most of the desserts here will cost you between 17- 18 ringgit each. It may be a lil pricey but it is worth it.

Oooo and did I mention that I liked the seating at this eatery. For single seater like myself, it can get a tad daunting when visiting a dessert shop, especially one that is well liked. Families, friends, couples, kiddos – they dominate the whole scene and then there you are, all alone in the corner. Bleh. Sometimes, it is a good thing, other times, not.Β  Good thing here though, they offer me plenty of corners, private ones at that. The kind that no one is going to look at you weirdly if you had chocolate cream all over your lips. You get me?Β 




While single seaters like myself can rejoice, big groups may have a lil difficulty as seatings here are rather limited in numbers. I had a big group of five come in after me and they had to move some tables around for everyone to fit. Other than that, it was all good.


Miso, 17 ringgit

After weighing my choices, I decided to go for Miso. I was having cravings for something chocolate and this particular dessert was the right choice.Β 


This was yummmmmm πŸ™‚ Having Miso was like having a Magnum ice cream. There is the usual Paddle Pop, Cornetto and then … there is Magnum. Yea, this was like having a Magnum.

Miso is made up of a combination of caramel cream + creme brulee + chocolate mousse + almond sponge. With some desserts, they can include all sorts of fancy ingredients in them but you’d almost never taste it but with Miso, you would be able to taste every single thing. The outer layer is made up of a thin layer of dark chocolate and the top is made up of a creamy and somewhat thick mousse which was lovely. Rather than indulging vertically, I instead opted to go horizontally, through each layer. Starting with the creamy mousse, it was rich and creamy. Then, moving on to the middle part, which was more solid yet a lil soggy and wet and at the bottom, a solid cake-like texture with a thin, hard layer of chocolate biscuit, which is separated from the mid section by a generous amount of caramel cream.Β 

It was a joy, going through the layers, the different textures and taste. As different as it was though, it all somehow worked and formed into a wonderful wholesome dessert named Miso.


Address:Β  BG 6, Block B, Happy Mansion, Section 17, Petaling Jaya ( Next to Food Foundry. Same block as Pizza Mansion and Muse)

Opening hours:

Mondays Closed.

Tuesdays, 1 pm – 6 pm.

Wednesdays to Friday, 1 pm – 10 pm.

Saturdays, 12 pm – 10 pm.

Sundays, 12 pm – 6 pm.

Signing out now, Ciao.


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