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23 Mixed Rice @ OUG – Good food with lots of variety.

Yesterday, the bunch of us were craving for some ‘chap fun’, mixed rice. We all randomly threw in the names of some of the eateries we knew and it was unanimously decided to head to the one in OUG. We were starving and heading to the nearest form of relief was best a.s.a.p as some of us tend to get real bitchy when we do not get fed.  This restaurant was also rated highly online, which made it even better.






I must say, the ventilation here is da bomb. They have an indoor, air conditioned section as well as an open, outdoor section. At the point of our arrival,the indoor area was full, which meant that we had to sit at the outdoor section. For about 5 seconds, I was worried that it might get a lil bit hot and stuffy but that worry was quickly squashed when I realized they had fan – the strong, heavy duty kind aimed at every direction. You certainly would not have to worry about sweating here. 

The restaurant was pretty big, well spaced out. Most importantly, it was clean and well kept. Everything was rather easy, in order. It follows the usual routine of a mixed rice shop – you wait in line, pile up whatever items you fancy onto your plate, pay and then head over to your table of choice to enjoy your meal. It was an enjoyable atmosphere,  everyone was enjoying their meals, yapping away. 


Rice 1 + Rice 2, 20 ringgit



Okay, some of you guys would most probably not like the fact that each plate cost us 10 ringgit and I agree, it definitely is no Economy Rice.  However,  we did pile up the plate quite a bit. Two of us were sharing a plate which meant that those two plates were carrying enough food for 4 people and do not forget the fact that we were all very hungry. The pictures may not show it but it was a looooot of food. Fo real. 

The first plate had lots of brinjals, cabbage and dry butter chicken. That dry butter chicken was utterly delicious. It was not the usual creamy, wet butter chicken variety but this was made in a way that was similar to butter prawns? It was dry with fried butter,egg bits scattered all over. Yea, it tasted exactly like butter prawns except it was chicken here. Delicious!  The brinjal was yummy too, an excellent combination to the dish overall.

The second plate was made up of a combination of rice with chicken curry + fried chicken + egg + long beans. The chicken in this dish was da bomb too. The Fried Chicken here came in XL size, a nice big chunk of fried chicken breast. The meat was chewy, yet soft and moist with nice mix of chili powder? infused into it. I could totally just have it on its own, that was how much I liked it. Having it with the rice and chicken curry though was real good. The egg omelette was simple and good, the long beans was enjoyable. While it was oily and a lil wet, the crunchiness was still retained. 

** Ooo and here they serve a free flow of Chinese Tea, Water and Soup of the Day.


Would I head back here?

Yessssss, I most definitely will. They have a large selection of dishes here that I look forward to trying. As mentioned previously, while this is mixed rice is definitely is no Economy rice. The price is a lil higher than other chap fun shops but food was really good. So, it depends on you, where your interest is. 


Address: No. 23, Jalan Mega Mendung, Taman United.

Opening hours: Everyday. 10 am – 9.45 pm.


Signing out now, Ciao.


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