Chicken Briyani Indian Late night eats Open Daily open late Open till 12.30 am Rice + Chili chicken + Vegetables

Day to Day Restaurant @ Kinrara, Puchong – Tasty, affordable Indian food :)

We caught up on much needed sleep yesterday. It was a holiday and the night before, the bunch of us got together and did the whole all-nighter thing. What exactly did we do? Well, we all met up at a friends place in Kinrara, Puchong and literally spent the whole day there singing karaoke, baking brownies, playing video games and watching movies. 

Eventually, midway through we got hungry. My friend, a Kinrara native, suggested Day to Day. What he specifically said was “Jom go Day to Day, it’s Indian but semua ada….. jom”. So, off we went.  It seemed to be well liked, not just by my friend but also based on the ratings online – with more than one thousand fellow foodies rating it an average of 4.2/5. It has to be good, right?




Yea, they sure offer a variety and at all times of the day. Lots of Indian shops, for lunch, they only offer rice, right? Here, be it morning or noon, you’d still be able to get yourself thosai or appam, variety of noodles and fried rice, rotis and naans or just simply rice or briyani. Literally – in the words of my friend, “semua ada.” 

Anyways, this is a neighborhood eatery. It looks usual with a lively and boisterous environment. If you live in Puchong or anywhere nearby, Day to Day could appeal to you. However, if you are from the other side of town, I most probably would not travel all the way here just to have Indian food. There are plenty of restaurants with good Indian food in Brickfields and Petaling Jaya, which is more convenient for me location wise. Unless if you fancy a change of scenery or for some reason that particular day you ended up in Puchong, then do drop because they offer a variety of food and it taste good.

Customer service was great. The workers here are very friendly and accommodating. Parking was easy, lots of parking bays available. Food wise, as you’d be able to see from their Menu, they’ve got everything covered – Local cuisine, Indian, Western, light meals, heavy meals, noodles, rice, appam, thosai, naan … yups, pretty much everything and is available all day, affordably priced too.


Indian Rice Meal + Chicken Briyani , 23 ringgit




I enjoyed the food here. I wished I took more pictures but we were all really hungry, couldn’t wait around till everybody’s meal arrived. Anyways, before I start discussing my dish in detail  I would like to put in a word of caution. If you look through their menu, you’d notice the ‘Super Spicy Corner”?? Yea, that is NOT a joke, it is super spicy. My friend ordered the Nasi Goreng Titanic and it was tasty but a few mouths in – his eyes were watering and he simply could not go any further. I could somewhat handle it but most definitely with the help of some cold water, of course. So, go for it if you can handle the heat, otherwise do stay away, lol. They mean serious business here.

The briyani was tasty. The rice was fragrant and moist. I like briyani rice that are dense, moist because then, you do not always have to add on curry/gravy. Having it on its own allows you to truly appreciate its taste. The chicken and the rice is all cooked together in one big pot.If the rice is moist and dense, imagine the chicken. It literally falls off the bone, I had no trouble peeling off the meat. It was yummy. 

For the white rice dish, we took Chili Chicken and 2 vegetables. That Chili Chicken was real good. A lil sweet and yet, packed with heat. Makes for an awesome combination together with the rice and chicken curry. The two veges were good. We also got rasam on the side with papadums. 

Overall, we had a good time here. Awesome food, lively ambiance with excellent customer service. I simply wished they weren’t located all the way in Kinrara though. This would totally be the ‘mamak’ I’d hang out at if they were located nearer.



Address: No. 1, Jalan TK 5/21, Taman Kinrara, Puchong.

Opening hours:  Everyday. 6 am – 12.30 am


Signing out now, Ciao.


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