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Sulaiman’s Famous Cendol @ Pudu – A Hidden Gem :)

Honestly, I’ve never heard of Sulaiman’s. It was a friend who suggested it. He has been a Pudu native from the time I’ve known him and over the years, he has brought me to some lovely eateries, they were all delicious, I’ve never once been disappointed. So, I just like what I’d usually do, I followed his lead. All he said was that the cendol served here is simple, refreshing, tasty and ol’ school – I was sold. 

This eatery is HIDDEN, literally located in the back alleys , off the main road, near the market. If you were to drive around aimlessly, hoping to stumble upon this local dessert shop – good luck, it wont happen – unless if you have a habit of randomly driving passed alleyways, lol. 

If you are just like me, not too familiar with the area – use Waze, key in “MSS Maju” and it would lead you right to it. MSS Maju and Sulaiman’s are located at the same place, it is more of a case of two eateries becoming one, sharing the same place. 

Parking was easy and free, lol. It’s the alleyway after all, no one is going to come over to ‘saman’. So, park where ever you can, as long as it’s convenient for you. 



Yup, you better believe it, it is CHEAP! It has been ages since I’ve seen something priced this low for the dishes we were presented with. The dessert arrived really quick, within 5 minutes and we consumed it within that amount of time too, no surprise there 🙂


Cendol Kacang, 1.60 ringgit + Cendol Pulut, 1.60 ringgit



Cendol Kacang
Cendol Pulut


Yup, my friend was right. Ol’ school it was, it certainly brought me back 10, 15 years. It literally was simplicity at its best. No overwhelming amount of shaved ice. All ingredients were equal. The shaved ice, started melting as soon as it arrived at our table, despite melting, the taste of the gula Melaka was not muted down. 

I ordered the Cendol Kacang because I loveeeee them red beans and my friend ordered the one with pulut. Here, what you order is what you’d get. Both dishes came with some shaved ice + a generous amount of Gila Melaka + green flour mini noodles. The difference is the red bean and pulut. Having tasted both, while I liked both – the Cendol Pulut is definitely my favorite. 

It is simple, refreshing and ol’ school. Tasted awesome too. I’d be back, that is for sure. Maybe I’ll give their Cendol Special a go next.



Address: 13, Jalan Pasar Baharu, Pudu, 55100 Kuala Lumpur. (Waze to MSS Maju)

Opening hours: Everyday, 8.30 am – 5 pm or until finish.



Signing out now, Ciao.


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