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Best Bean Food @ Pudu – Yong Tau Foooo :)

Today, since we had some free time on our hands, we decided to head back to Pudu. I was looking forward to visiting Kei Suk Wan Tan Mee to have a taste of that famous and highly rated noodle. This was our second attempt here and yet again, the noodles were all finished by the time we arrived. This time however, Uncle Kei himself was there and he told us that by 10 am, all the noodles are finished. Looks like the information available online is a tad misleading. Most of them indicate that this eatery opens till 1 pm but that is not the case. Kei Suk is a stall located in Good Friend Restaurant and while Good Friend closes at 1 pm, the wan tan noodle stall usually closes by 10 am. It would be wise to head over early, for breakfast perhaps since they open as early as 7.30 in the morning.Β 

So, there we were, yet again, walking around aimlessly, disappointed and yet, hungry. We could head back to Restaurant YuYi, across the road and indulge in some of that delicious fried kuey teow – again, or try something entirely new.Β  We opted for the latter and came across a yong tau foo supplier/distributor, Best Bean Food Sdn. Bhd and right next to it is its restaurant. We figured since the restaurant is located next to a yong tau foo supplier – it has to be good, right? Fresher perhaps?Β 



It’s your typical ol’ school Chinese restaurant. From the looks of it, it obviously has been around for ages. They offer yong tau foo and several other dishes like chicken chop and pork chop.




Yong Tau Foo, 16 ringgit



I was hungry and as you can see, I selected a variety of items – fish balls, crabstrick, fried tofu, brinjals, ladies fingers, fu chuk – yup, went a lil overboard there, lol.Β  It was delicious and the items tasted fresh. I especially liked their fu chuk, it was crispy on one end and chewy on the other. The fish balls were good too. Dipping them into that sweet, thick black sauce was yummy!

The Chee Cheong Fun was surprisingly tasty on its own with just sesame oil + sesame seed drizzle. I did not know which one to go for and so I opted for both the dry and curry version. The curry – I’d give it a miss next time because it was a tad salty. The dry version though, with the thick, sweet sauce was real nice. I enjoyed it.


Address:Β  Jalan Brunei, Pudu. (Located in the row of shops adjacent to the row of shops with Good Friend Restaurant)

Opening hours: TBC



Signing out now, Ciao.


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