Ayam Percik New 2019 Open Daily Pork Free Tom Yum Pasta

Therefore @ Menara Symphony, PJ – Tom Yum Pasta …. Ooooo my. Yum!! (Pork Free)

As soon as we heard that Forefront opened their third F&B venture , we got all excited and geared up to pay them a visit. Our experience visiting their first and second outlet was awesome,  both in the food they offer as well as the positive atmosphere the eateries exude. 

First branch,Foremula – Foremula @ Ara Damansara – I love it!

Second branch, Forebidden – Forebidden @ Ara Damansara – Good food and ambiance 🙂


Where exactly is Therefore located? Easiest landmark would be Jaya Shopping Centre in Section 13, PJ? Across the main road from the mall is Jaya 33, right? A few doors away from Jaya 33 is Menara Symphony and on the Ground Floor of this building is where Therefore is located (same floor as San Francisco Coffee). 

Parking was easy. Plenty available in the building itself at a rate of RM 3 per hour. 

As soon as we arrived at Therefore, we took it all in. They sure were doing well despite being in operation for a lil over a week. Let me give you a picture – all the tables were occupied and so, we had to sit in the middle. The middle section is made up of a long table which is perfect for a single and double seater – if you do not mind sharing, of course. Good on them. Having been to their other outlets, I expected no less here and sure enough, it was equally as lively and busy.






The interior was cool and chic. Loveeee the color palate, who would have thought a color that resembles the inside of a grapefruit could make for an awesome color on the wall?? Certainly not me but I dig it. It had a certain calmness to it. Also loveee the fact that each outlet has its individual tone and character. It is certainly more ‘in your face’ and energetic here.





** Sorry if some of the images are grainy. We tried our best 🙂


So naturally, we were expecting a similar experience at Therefore too. Was it though??

Well, everything was good except for how long it took for the food to arrive at my table. Soooooo not cool, man. Almost an hour??? I guess I would have been more understanding about it if I did not have a meeting to head to and that too all the way in Cyberjaya. The drive alone takes almost 30 minutes. The most time I could have spent at Therefore before having to call my client and request for a delay was an hour. When the food takes almost an hour to arrive … yup, a delay it was. Not exactly the kind of first impression I was going for. 

They did apologize profusely and took time to explain why there was a delay in the first place. I get it and I hope it gets sorted out soon. The eatery looks good and so is the food. It would such a shame for it not to work out. The reason given was because of the back office – the kitchen. All the staffs are mostly strangers to one another. It kindda takes time to arrive at a level of familiarity for everyone to work in sync and make sure food goes out fast and in order. I totally get it. I forgive you 🙂


I am Percik, 29 ringgit 



After waiting for almost an hour, this was the first dish to arrive and ummmmm, I do not know what to say. I was a tad let down?? I am from the East Coast and I take my Ayam Percik seriously. The one served here is a rather mild version. After having to wait extra long for a dish and then you get this – it seriously was a bummer. Sure, the sauce/gravy is thick and milky from the coconut milk but it aint percik to me. It simply did not have the ‘kick’ but I guess for a gourmet version of a simple, local delicacy, this would do. Perhaps, I am simply one of those who enjoy having certain dishes being served as should be as oppose to the modernize and refined version of it. Based on the few reviews I’ve read online, many seem to like this dish and they go out of their way to recommend it. So, I guess I am an anomaly huh??

The dish on its own does NOT come with rice. The rice is a side order but one I strongly recommend ordering. The chicken + rice, makes for a wholesome dish. If I put the whole ‘percik’ thing aside and simply go by the taste, it tasted pretty good once everything is mixed up. The butter rice with chicken soaked in rich, milky gravy = yum! The mix vegetables were a nice addition, I enjoyed eating it on its own. The vegetable mix – cucumber, tomato, corn, potato and carrot  had a nice flavor to it. The dish was tasty but …. it was too mild a percik to me. 


Tom Yum Two, 27 ringgit



Now, if this dish came first,  I would totally be impressed. This was the kind of food I was looking forward to when I had Therefore in mind. This was da’ bomb.  I would totally give this a go again. Yessss!

When you think of Tom Yum, the first thing to come to mind would be flavorful, liquid-dy, sometimes watery broth. Right?? Well here, it was flavorful but thicker than usual and I loved it. First of all, imagine having a watery broth to eat your pasta with?? That wont work for me and I am sure it is the same for you guys. The thick tom yum gravy here made it easy to soak the noodles in it? Does that make sense? Every spoonful you take, there was enough flavors in it due to the thick gravy. I loveeeeeed it, happily slurped it all…. yummm! Loads of ingredients – prawns, mussels, clams, squids, mushrooms, baby corns. The noodles were made up of a combination of the usual + black pasta. It all made for an aesthetically pleasing dish that was finger licking good. Burp!


Would I head back here?

Yes, I would. Not anytime soon though. I think they need a lil more time to get things in order but I’d certainly drop by again. I look forward to giving the other dishes a go.


Address: Lot 02 Ground Floor, Menara Symphony, No. 5, Jalan Professor Khoo Khay Khim, Seksyen 13, Petaling Jaya.

Opening hours:  Everyday. Mondays to Thursdays, Sundays : 9 am – 6 pm. Fridays & Saturdays, 9 am – 10 pm.


Signing out now, Ciao.



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