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So Moreish with Johnny @ Aman Walk, Mont Kiara – Warm, buttery pastries… sooo good!

So Moreish is apparently a British slang that means the desire to have more. It is usually associated to a particular food and ones’ inability to resist it and say no. For instance, ‘I am sooo full right now but those cinnamon rolls were soooo delicious … I simply need more.’ Did you guys know that? I certainly did not. We learn something new everyday, ey. In this case, upon tasting the pastry offerings here, I must say that this eatery is aptly named. Those pastries were da’ bomb – buttery, airy and moist, I kept going back for more. So Moreish indeed!!

Sometimes when you get up in the morning and think of where to go for breakfast … after some deep thinking (because come on, breakfast is serious business), you realize that what you are in the mood for is not one of those popular eateries that are often crowded and noisy, boisterous. No, what you are in the mood for is something away from the usual – understated, tucked in a quiet corner and offers really good pastry and awesome coffee? If that is so – So Moreish is worth a visit. Best part is, they open as early as 7 am on weekdays. Yesss! An awesome spot to get my coffee and pastry fix before I start my day.

Where is it located??ย  In Aman Walk.ย So, you guys know that busy stretch that has 163 Retail Park, 1 Mont Kiara, Mont Kiara Plaza in it?? The one that is almost always busy?? Yea, that stretch. Keep that busy stretch in mind but go down a lil further. Just down the road, barely 5 minutes way, there are a couple of condos and residences, right?? So Moreishย  is located within a cul-de-sac that is home to Mont Kiara Aman condominium. There is a mini retail space, a row of shops just before the condo, referred to as Aman Walk and So Moreish is located here.ย 

Parking was easy. Plenty of spots available by the roadside and it’s free of charge.


outside 3outdoor 3outside 4titlekitcheninside


pastry display 2

Apple Pastry, 8 ringgit
Strawberry Pastry, 8 ringgit

loaf 2cinnamon roll 2

Bagels – Plain/Sesame/Poppy, 6 ringgit


almond croisant
Almond Croissant, 7 ringgit



menumenu food 2


So Moreish with Johnny. Who is Johnny?? Johnny is the main pastry chef here. He literally bakes all the delicious goodies you see on display, all of em. Prior to this, he worked for Kenny Hills Bakers (KHB), Bukit Tunku – sharing a similar position there as well. KHB was one of my favorite bakeries to ‘hantam’ pastries at up until they close down for renovations almost 2 months ago. Naturally, I was bummed until I sunk my teeth into the Almond Croissant served here and that was it, I was in loveeee!ย  I had a chance to converse with the man himself for a minute and one thing was blatantly obvious – he is really passionate about his trade, which also means that he is anal about details and somewhat of a perfectionist. From a customers’ point of view, such characteristics are awesome news as it gives a clear indication of how good those pastries are gonna be.ย 


**** All the pastries here are low in gluten and have low GI. No margarine used here, only good quality imported butter.ย 


flat white 2 nice
Coffee: Flat White, 12 ringgit

all 3

sugar croissant
Almond Croissant, 7 ringgit
Strawberry Pastry, 8 ringgit
Pesto Pastry, 6 ringgit
ice choc
Iced Chocolate, 14 ringgit


For coffee, they serve 2 different blends. One on weekdays and the house favorites on weekends with Sulawesi beans, which is suppose to be richer. The Flat White we tried was the weekday blend and it was a pretty good brew, balanced.

Out of the three pastries I tried, my favorite would be the Almond Croissant. The croissant was soft, warm and moist. It embodied all the elements I love in a pastry. Lets not forget the butter …..

butter closeup


This was only a small part of the croissant but judging from the yellow that covers most of this bit, imagine the whole thing. They were generous with the butter. The croissant as a whole was buttery, not just some part of it. It was warm, airy and dense, topped with a nice dose of powdered sugar which gave a contrasting sweetness to an otherwise warm, buttery pastry. Da bomb! Finger lickin’ good, yaww.ย 

The Pesto Pastry was a nice savoury dish. I am a fan of pesto which explains why I liked this particular pastry. If you fancy garlic bread, you will like this too. That is no surprise considering the fact that pesto + garlic makes the garlic bread spread, right?? It was crispy and light, nothing too heavy.

pesto inside


The Strawberry Pastry offers a nice mix of flavors. A lil sourness from the strawberry and a lil sweetness from the powdered sugar. The pastry here is thinner than the other two which was great. Any thicker might simply drown out sourness and sweetness from the fruit and the sugar. It certainly was refreshing.ย 

strawberry inside



Would I head back here?

I most definitely would. Looking forward to indulging in some of those yummy pastries during my next pastry fix.ย 


*** Thanks Edwin and team for having us. We had an awesome time.ย 


Address: G 03, Aman Walk, Mont Kiara Aman, No. 4 Jalan Kiara 2, Mont Kiara.

Opening hours: Mondays, Wednesdays to Fridays: 7 am – 5 pm. Weekends: 8.30 am – 6.30 pm. Tuesdays Closed.

Signing out now, Ciao.


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