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Bakerry La @ Damansara Kim – a neighborhood bakery

It was one of those days, during peak hour traffic whereby every road you are on is congested, that heading to Uptown isn’t as easy as you’d thought it would be? Yea, in such cases, you’d go through Damansara Kim to head to the other side, right? to cut through traffic and all. It was during one of those attempts that I stumbled upon Bakerry La. It has been a while since I’ve passed through and I’ve noticed that there were several new additions to this particular row of shops and one of them was this bakery.

** Sorry for the questionable picture quality. I messed up my phone again and so, I am stuck with a temporary one from almost a decade ago. The camera on it isn’t as good.




This definitely a neighborhood bakery. There were lots of regulars, folks that drop by every now and then to buy pastries and bread, they knew what they wanted, the familiarity was obvious. During my visit somewhere around early tea time, the bakery was lively, there were lots of customers, it was an exuberant environment.

They offer an array of pastries – both sweet and savoury with about 6,7 choices of bread. In addition to that, there are sandwiches and pasta, if you fancy that too.




Cruffin, 7 ringgit + Japanese Curry Chicken Bread, 4.20 + Banana Cake, 4.50 ringgit




Japanese Curry Chicken Bread
Banana Cake

The Cruffin is apparently a popular choice. If you are a fan of lemon and blueberry, then you’d definitely like this particular pastry. While my friend loved it, me though, not so much. It simply was too distinct for my taste. The lemon curd had the usual sour-ish taste and if I am not mistaken, it kindda tasted like they added some of the lemon skin in as well, which provided the souri-ish taste a slightly bitter-ish addition? Then, there were the blueberries, which were again, more sour-ish rather than sweet. There was just a whole lot of sourish going on for me. Seeing how my friend was happily gobbling up the whole thing, it is no surprise that I gave her my share too, lol.

The Japanese Curry Chicken Bread was my favorite. It is similar to those ol’ school buns you’d come across mostly in Chinese kopitiams and coffee shops. The bun was soft and fluffy, it had a slightly sweetish taste to it. The filling was curry chicken but with a dryer texture and bits of chicken pieces scattered. I only wish that they included more filling. It was barely there. For instance, if you are at a kopitiam and decided to order yourself toast with kaya. After it arrives and you’ve tasted it, you realized that the kaya spread was sooo thin that it was barely there? You can taste it to qualify its existences but that is about it. Same case here, barely there. If they included more filling, this pastry would have been even more awesome than it was. 

The Banana Cake was pretty good. It was moist and dense with the taste of banana evident.


Address: No. 17, Jalan SS 20/21, Damansara Kim.

Opening hours:  Tuesdays to Sundays, 8.30 am – 8.00 pm. Mondays Closed. 


Signing out now, Ciao.



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