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Sipping Corner @ Puchong – A hidden cafe with lots of greens.

I was mighty glad my friend introduced me to this cafe. Ooooooo, imagine the fresh air !!  With the severity of the haze currently, this was a much needed temporary fix, lol.  Everywhere you turn, there are greens, lots of it, in many varieties. I really did enjoy myself here. You can literally feel the difference in the air you are breathing. 

Sipping Corner Cafe is located inside Plant & Pot, a plant concept store. So, if you Waze here, be on the lookout for this concept store. Plant & Pot was amazing, it literally is a mini plant nursery that sells both indoor and outdoor greens in addition to in-house made art pieces for homes. Walking through the sections, feasting my eyes on the variety of greens was an absolute delight. It is an excellent place to keep your kids entertain, the variety of greens as wells as the small pathways all around kindda gives the impression that one is in a forest-like cocoon.  If adults like myself love it, imagine the kids, ey? 

Plant & Pot offers several interesting workshops, monthly. For this month …..


They offer workshops like Mindful Doodling, The Art of Macrame : Plant Hanger, Kusamono Moss Garden Workshop, Dried Flower – Comb and Ring SetGarden in the Globe, Starting a Bullet Journal, Garden in The Jar, Coral Gouache Workshop, Crochet Basket Workshop. Price ranges between RM 80 ringgit to 200 ringgit. 

To know more, do visit their Facebook page – Plant & Pot Studio @ https://www.facebook.com/plantandpotstudio/






Yup, green everywhere…. I wasn’t joking 🙂

As you walk deeper inside, you would come upon Sipping Corner Cafe.





Honestly, I’d never imagine myself painting a wall this particular green color but hey, it obviously works here. Pleasing to the eye it was and it kept up with the overall green, tropical theme going on. Nice indeed.

*** No WIFI available. 





They serve a variety of drinks as well as cakes and quiche. No heavy, wholesome, main meal worthy dishes here. It makes for an excellent place for tea time – sipping on a cup of coffee while enjoying a slice of cake … which was exactly what I did. 


Ice Chocolate, 14 ringgit + Burnt Cheesecake, 15 ringgit



The Burnt Cheesecake was nice and gooey. It certainly is a rich and creamy dessert. This particular cheesecake is a fad nowadays and as with many other cafes, this dessert is a best seller. I agree, it was delicious. 

The Ice Chocolate was awesome. I have no preference as long it isn’t watery. Sometimes, I like it when my Ice Chocolate is slightly bitter-ish and sometimes, I fancy an equal chocolate to milk ratio, as the one served here. I liked it.


Address: No. 78, Jalan Puteri 5/5, Bandar Puteri Puchong, Puchong.

Opening hours: Mondays, Wednesdays to Sundays, 9 am – 6 pm. Tuesdays Closed.


Signing out now, Ciao.




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