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December Eighteen – Yum! (Pork Free)

After a short shopping spree in Sunway Pyramid, we then headed over to December Eighteen for lunch. The front, first part of December Eighteen is an antique, stationary & art supply shop  and the inner part is the eatery/coffee shop.




The coffee shop is bright, colorful and vibrant. There is an ol’ school charm to it and it starts as soon as you step in. Besides the overall look, what was played on the radio during my time of visit was somewhat similar to Chinese operatic music ? As ol’ school as it gets, ey?   Nice indeed. They use carom boards as tables which was nostalgic for me because it brought me back to the past. When I was a kid, my family and I used to play it regularly but over the years though, we all grew up and carom was long forgotten. 

Parking was easy. Despite it being lunch time, this particular stretch had several empty spots available. I found one just a few doors away from this eatery.  

Customer service was awesome. They all had smiles on their faces which I appreciated, it sure did lighten the mood or rather my mood in particular. Lets just say I got a earful from my bossman in regards to messing up something I didn’t even have a part in. Ugh!  So yea, the smiles helped. I liked that the menu was not overly big, which made my choices pretty easy and stress free.


** No menu this time, phone issue. Will provide one during our next visit.


Orange Chicken Rice Bowl, 18 ringgit + Curry Chicken Noodle, 13 ringgit



Orange Chicken Rice Bowl


Curry Chicken Noodle


Food was good, yawww. The Orange Chicken Rice Bowl was unique, in a positive way. I’m usually not one to get excited when there is orange in my rice but it surprisingly worked, very well. If I am not mistaken, the orange used was not purely the fruit itself but instead orange marmalade? Yea, it had the same consistency as a marmalade – thick, gooey, sticky, pleasantly sweet. It sure did add a unique flavor to this dish, overall.  There was a generous portion boneless chicken pieces + corn + cucumber + egg. This dish was delicious. The flavors are unique and interesting , the portion is generous. An awesome dish.

The Curry Chicken Noodle was yummy. This dish, as simple as it is, isn’t always done right… the curry lack flavor, too? The chicken too chewy? The noodles are too bland? Here, it was just right. The curry chicken here is good, real good. It totally was the star of the dish. The consistency, texture and taste was perfect. The curry was accompanied with 5 pieces of soft, flavorful boneless chicken. I know it was meant to be eaten with the noodles but I could not help my self, ate it all before I even got to the mee. The cucumber added a lil crunch to an otherwise dense dish and then there was the egg, which was the first thing that ended up stuffed in my mouth, on its own. Ultimately, what was left was the curry and the noodles. Usually, I would end up eating only half but in this case, I loved the curry and the noodle combo and so, I finished the whole bowl. Burp!


Address: 18 G, Jalan PJS 8/12, Dataran Mentari, Sunway.

Opening hours: Mon, Wed – Fri, 9 am – 6 pm. Weekends, 10 am – 7 pm. Tuesdays Closed


Signing out now, Ciao.



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