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Masala Wheels @ PJ Old Town -Yummy. Burp!

It has been quite a while since we last visited Masala Wheels. Why? Hard to say. I guess the main reason for that would be due to the location. As with most people, we too have a list of Indian restaurants that are our ‘regulars’ when it comes to banana leaf rice. The other eateries, even though they may be good, are often forgotten unless if you are in the area. Yea, that is kind of how it is between Masala Wheels and us because hey, it is all about what is convenient, right? 

Masala Wheels is located about 5 minutes away from another favorite of ours, Sri Ganapathi Mess – Sri Ganapathi Mess @ PJ Old Town – Delicious Indian food with Authentic Curries. . Between the two, we opted to go for Masala Wheels this time  simply because it literally felt like it has been ages since we last visited.





Both indoor and outdoor seating are available. If the day isn’t too hot, sitting outside would be nice, under the trees and enjoying the breeze. 

They have a special frying area to fry your chicken and fishes, which comes in the form of a food truck. They cook it there and serve. It must be a recent addition because it wasn’t around during my last visit. Interesting. Good thing I sat indoors because that truck is strategically parked conveniently close to the outdoor seating. If I sat there with those spicy, yummy aroma surrounding and enticing me …. ooo man, I would not be able to stop at just one plate. 






Banana Leaf Rice, 8 ringgit + Chicken Varuval, 8 ringgit



Food was good, yawwww. I don’t know if this is their usual banana leaf arrangement or a Friday special … besides the 4 vegetables, 4 acars, 2 papadums and a rasam, there also was a side of vadai and kesari. Usually the kesari is to be eaten last because it works as a dessert but since I have a sweet tooth, that was obviously the first thing on the plate to go, lol.

The vegetables … it is served in small quantity because unlike many other restaurants, the one here uses a tablespoon to scoop up and serve the items. For instance, the green vegetable (3rd from left in the image above),  2 spoonfuls in and it was gone, finished.  The image above was taken  only after I’ve requested for extra servings. Good thing is, they are in no way stingy. If you request for more, they will give it to you. I am just letting you guys know so that you can skip the whole ‘trying to get their attention later’. During peak hours, they do get busy. So, catch them when they are serving the banana leaf rice and request for extras there and then. It is worth it, the vegetables were yummy. 

The chicken curry … surprisingly,  I liked it. I usually like my curries thick but here, it is a tad watery than what I am used to but it does not lack in flavor. The reason I do fancy thicker curries is because I like the gravies packed with flavors and in most cases, the watery versions are often diluted, muted down. So, when I tasted the curry here, I was surprised – it is a lil watery and yet it tasted like a curry I’d like. How is this possible. I immediately asked my friend about it and she was like  “Dude, who on earth told you that watery means less flavorful? Whether it is watery or not is dependent on how much  coconut milk is used. What does coconut milk have to do with the flavors and spices?” Aaaaa, I seeeeee. Now I know. The Chicken Varuval was delicious. It was packed with flavor and spices. An awesome addition to the banana leaf rice.

Overall,  food was good, I had a good time here. I’b be back. 


Address: No. 2, Jalan 1/3, Seksyen 1, Petaling Jaya. (PJ old Town)

Opening hours: Everyday, 12 pm – 5 pm.


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