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The Soybean Factory @ Menjelara, Kepong – Ooo … Tau Foo Fah :)

Since I was already in the area after having brunch at Skinny Dip, I decided to drop by The Soybean Factory, located just 4 minutes away.ย  To be honest,ย  I was stuffed, my stomach was almost filled to its maximum capacity, almost.ย  That never stopped me though, lol. My sweet tooth game is strong anytime, anyday.

As its name suggest, this is a soy specialty cafe. Everything served has a soy base to it and they serve both sweet and savory.






Triple ‘Q’ Ness Tau Foo Fah, 9.50 ringgit


I ordered this dish specifically because I was certain that I wanted tau foo fah but with nothing over the top, without many other ingredients. As mentioned before – I had a hearty, filling brunch prior to my visit here. So, Tau Foo Fah with 3 ingredients seemed ideal for me.

If you look through the Menu, you’d notice that they offer you 2 options – tau foo fah with fixed combinations and as well asย the do-it-yourself version. I opted for the first option because well, I was too lazy to think.ย 

The fixed combo I went for includes a nice portion tau foo fah, topped with matcha balls + taro + black pearls. When it comes to the sugar, you can choose between brown sugar, white sugar or ginger red date sugar. Might I suggest giving the Ginger Red Date sugar a go??ย  It provides that extra ‘kick’, a pleasant unique flavor that surprisingly works really well with the rest of the ingredients. The taro and matcha balls were nice, it had the perfect equilibrium between soft, gooey and chewy, chunky. The pearls however were not as soft as I’d like them to be. Perhaps it was not boiled/ soaked long enough?? It would have been nice if it was a lil softer. It kindda defeats the purpose of the whole dessert because rather than truly being able to enjoy the dessert, here you are spending half the time trying to chew the pearls. A lil softer would be nice.ย  Other than that, It was a good dessert, I enjoyed it.


Address: No. 51, Jalan 3/62A, Menjelara, Kepong

Opening hours: Everyday. 12 pm – 11 pm.


Signing out now, Ciao.


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