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Luckin Kopi @ Petaling Street – Awesome :) (Pork Free)

We ended up at Ho Kow Hainanese Kopitiam yet again, for a late breakfast meet with a client. This was the third time in a week that I’ve had to visit this beloved kopitiam. I loveee the ambiance here and the food is awesome but I simply could not do it again. Three times in a week ?? I enjoy the food but come on ….. three times in a week ? Nooo, no can do. of course, I couldn’t tell my client that and so, I sprouted a believable tale, something about stomach ache and being a lil under the weather. A lil white lie is necessary every now and then, right? 

Anyways, after the meeting concluded, I fully intended to walk over to KaFei Dian – Kafei Dian @ Petaling Street – New kopitiam in town 🙂 (Pork Free)  but then I saw Beryls, as in not a factory/ production store but a proper shop that offers you their selection of chocolate bars and a selection of in house desserts using their products – cakes and much more. This certainly is a new addition here because it wasn’t around the last time I visited Kafei Dian.  I have a soft spot for chocolates and when I see one, my sweet tooth goes haywire. Beryls ??? Yessss!!

I was already at the entrance of Kafei Dian when I decided to simply take a look around and there, just a lil down the road, opposite Kafei Dian is Beryls. I fully intended to have lunch there but my friend was not having it, no desserts for lunch apparently. “Oh hell no !!” was what he said. Lucky me, just two doors away from Beryls is Luckin Kopi.




Front Entrance


Top floor

Back Entrance


Luckin Kopi looks awesome, yawwww. It is a cafe with a kopitiam feel, with a modern twist.  An ol’ school ambiance with a current twist. I dig it, that is fo sure. The color tone, the brick walls, the space. Yea, it may not look it but space wise, it is pretty big, accommodating.  There is the front section, mid section, back section and the top floor section – when you put it all together, it does make a pretty large space, nicely stretched out. 

At the time of my arrival, it was already almost fully occupied. We had to wait in line at the entrance for our turn at a table, which took barely 5 minutes. Judging based on the crowd, I kindda prepared myself  on the possibilities that customer service might suffer but surprisingly, it all went smoothly. We were attended to almost immediately and food arrived rather quickly.





Lunch Set 1: Nasi Lemak Biasa + Chicken Rendang + Kopi, 14.80 ringgit 



Lunch Set 2: Mee Siam + Ayam Berempah + Kopi, 14.80 ringgit



Both of us opted to go for the Lunch Set, which is available on weekdays from 12 pm – 3 pm. Basically, you’d get to choose a main meal (3 options) and a side (9 options) with coffee. Food was good, the meal combinations we went for worked really well together.  The Nasi Lemak was yummy, all items on the plate tasted good. The rice sure was filled with ‘lemak’  because the texture was moist, dense and sticky – almost similar to a Pulut.  Sure, it certainly fills you up faster than the usual rice but this case, it worked well, as a glue that kindda gels the other items on the plate together.  The chicken rendang  was flavorful and so was the ayam berempah. The Mee Siam was good too. I generally like my noodles a lil wet despite being fried and so, the sambal on the side + the gravy from the chicken rendang made it all the better. Overall, we enjoyed ourselves here. We’d certainly drop by the next time we are in the area.


Address: No. 14, Jalan Panggong, Petaling Street.

opening hours: Everyday, 7 am – 9 pm.


Signing out now, Ciao.


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