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Satay Warrior 1975 @ Sunway – Oil free grilled satay (Halal)

We had a brunch meeting in Sunway Pyramid  and after that concluded, we walked on over next door to indulge in some satays at Satay Warrior 1975. 



Satay Warrior 1975 initially started of as a concept, an idea – to create a satay brand that is wholesome . This is based on the notion that while there are several known brands out there when it come to satay, there isn’t one that is consistent and reliable. How do they intend to achieve this? Upon inquiring, I was told that they have a central kitchen elsewhere that produces all the batches needed. Do keep in mind that besides a proper physical store, they also operate several successful kiosks around Cheras and several other areas, food trucks as well as well as via online delivery – Grabfood and etc. They also  offer ready-to-eat packs that you can store in your freezer and heat it up (a couple of minutes in the microwave) whenever you want to eat some. 

The restaurant itself is a simple, no frills establishment. As its name suggest, the main star here is the satay.  They offer 3 types : chicken, mutton and beef.  All the meat used are Halal and is oil free



Besides that, they also offer other dishes like Nasi Goreng, Nasi Lemak, Chicken Chop and Noodles.




4 Mutton & 10 Chicken Satays + Kampung Fried Rice + Nasi Lemak.


Mutton Satay (left), Chicken Satay (mid & right)


Kampung Fried Rice


Nasi Lemak

The first dish to arrive was the Kampung Fried Rice. The dish was yummy. Just like the restaurant itself, the dishes served are ‘no frills’ as well. Presentation wise, it was simple, without fancy decors. Do not let its simplicity fool you though because tastewise, it was good. The dish also comes with a side 3 pieces of chicken satay + cucumber + fried egg.

Next dish to arrive were the satay. I would have gone for solely chicken but when asked, I was told that lots of customers loved the mutton satay served here and so, I decided to give it a go. It was mutton on skewers, surprisingly juicy and tender. I expected it to be extra chewy …. you know how it is, you’d chew and chew and chew and yet, it refuses to break apart. Ugh. That is one reason why I rarely indulge in this particular meat, it takes ages to chew,  at times – it literally feels like my jaw is going to break into pieces. That is not the case here. Sure, it is a tad chewy but it was a breeze to munch on. Lovely.  The chicken satay was yummy too. The satay here are less greasy, with a good balance between fat to lean meat ratio and the peanut gravy, ooo do not get me started on that bowl of tasty goodies.  The peanut gravy was awesome. I had a blast simply slurping it on its own. It was thick, sweet-ish and filled with peanuts. Yessssss ! 

The Nasi Lemak was pretty good too. I liked the ‘sambal’ here. There was none of those sweet-ish flavor that seem rather popular these days, nope. Here, you’d get the real deal. It was spicy, packed with flavor. Having it with the rice, eggs, ‘kacang’ was good. Burp!


Would I head back here?

I most probably would not, as I am rarely in the area. What I would like to do though is get myself some of those prepacked ready-to-eat satay to be stored in my freezer, so that I can indulge in some satay whenever I fancy.

** Thanks for having us, Satay Warrior  🙂


Address: 17 A, Jalan PJS 11/28, Bandar Sunway. (Next to MyNews)

opening hours: Everyday. 11 am – 11 pm.

Signing out now, Ciao.




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