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Big Singh Chapati @ TTDI – Tasty and affordable :)

Usually, we do not make a habit of reviewing restaurant chains, especially when we have already covered/visited one branch – Big Singh Chapati House @ Subang Jaya- Good Stuff but a couple of our friends wanted to catch up for lunch here today. Since the opportunity presented itself, we might as well do a review on it, right?

We arrived for lunch around 12 ish pm and it was full house.  It was apparent that Big Singh Chapati is a crowd favorite, especially among the office folks working nearby. There was a waiting line outside which moved rather quickly. Despite the crowd, we were seated within 7,8 minutes … so yea, it wasn’t a long wait. 








If you happen to be in the area and intending to give Big Singh Chapati a try, do visit them on a weekday and give their lunch sets a go (11 am – 4 pm) because not only does food taste good, it is also affordable. Sooo worth it.


Set Lunch No. 5 – Butter Chicken, 15.90 ringgit


As with most of the sets offered, Set No. 5 also come with 3 options for main – 2 chapatis, a naan or Basmathi Rice. I opted for the Chapatis because it was the healthiest choice. Had a valid reason for that – I ‘hantam’ durian just a couple of hours earlier and I am almost certain that I’ve overshot my daily calorie quota by a mile.

That being said, to truly enjoy this set though – the butter chicken is best eaten with a naan or rice.  If you are like me and regularly consume indian rotis and rice, then it would not matter. Whichever choice would not make a difference but if you rarely indulge, might as well do so with the best option. Naan and rice will make the combination even more delicious and yummy. Contrary to the other two options, chapati has its own distinct, unique flavor that would often mute/ tone down the taste of the other ingredients on the plate.

Food was good, yawwww. I was impressed. Usually, when it comes to set lunches, the serving size shrinks, right? It is a common occurrence at indian restaurants but not here though. The Butter Chicken was delicious. They filled up a mini bowl to its maximum capacity, with lots of chicken meat in it. The gravy was warm and thick.  It had a nice, pleasant taste to it.Besides the chapatis and butter chicken, the set also came with a generous portion of dhal (just how I liked it) – thick and filled with lentils, a cucumber salad, papadum and sweet custard.  I was pleased, truly. It was more than what I expected.


Set Lunch No. 11 – Chicken Briyani, 15.90 ringgit


The No. 11 set lunch was yummy to. It came with 3 big pieces of tender, juicy chicken. There were lots of meat on it, plenty to last you till the last spoonful of rice. It was good. The rice was Basmathi Rice and that mixing all that long grained rice with some flavorful chicken curry and tender chicken meat was awesome. The dish was also accompanied with thairu/mooru, papadum, cucumber salad and sweet custard. 

Rest assured that by the time you are done with the sets, you’d be well fed and satisfied. Burp!


Address: No. 6, Jalan Datuk Sulaiman, TTDI

Opening hours: Everyday, 11 am – 11 pm.


Signing out now, Ciao.


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  1. I like the locations beside the foods. Staff are friendly ever since i been there more than 2 yrs.

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