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Flakes @ The Hub SS 2, PJ – Awesome Croissants (Pork Free)

After a mentally challenging meeting nearby, we decided to visit Flakes for a well deserved brunch. This ‘new kid on the block’ has been popping up on social media regularly of late  and since we happen to be in the area, it was a good time to drop by and check it out.








Crabmeat Scrambled Egg, 22 ringgit + Tai Tai by the Sea, 24 ringgit + Almond Croissant, 7 ringgit + Iced Blue Chocolate, 14 ringgit

Crabmeat Scrambled Egg

This was a recommended dish, a crowd favorite. It basically consisted of croissant + scrambled egg + crabmeat,  with smoked paprika aioli on the side.  You’d love this dish if you like crabmeat. Bare in mind that the crabmeat used here isnt’ the regular, frozen, processed ones you would find in the cold section of your neighborhood grocery, nope. The ones used here are actual crabmeat. So, do expect the unique, distinct taste of this particular meat to shine through from the first bite to the last. It may not be everyones’ cuppa tea but it was definitely mine – I loved it. Sure, scramble egg on croissant is a pretty common dish but add in some real crabmeat … now that is pretty rare. Overall, it was a flavorful dish, I can see why it was a crowd pleaser.


Tai Tai by the Sea


Just like the Crabmeat Scrambled Egg, this was a recommended dish as well … but I am on the fence on this one. It was nice but a lil too simple, at least for a dish that cost me 24 ringgit? I was kindda expecting to be wow-ed like I did the croissant but it did not happen here. To put it in simple terms – I expected KFC’s Zinger Burger but got the Colonel instead. Both are yummy, the difference is that one is simple while the other is finger lickin’ good? You feel me? or maybe its just me and my expectation  when it comes to recommended dishes? Perhaps. 

It you like the unique taste of Lemongrass, then you’d certainly like this dish. I like the consistency of the pasta – the noodles were cooked right, nothing too hard and nothing too soft, soggy. Tai Tai is ‘special prawn and squid pasta, tossed over with bunga kantan, lemongrass, hint of chilli, cheese and ale.’ There was about 4,5 pieces of small prawns and a few pieces of squids, about 4 pieces. The seafood went well with the lemongrass pasta and it was a tasty, simple dish overall.


Almond Croissant


This sure was one ‘sedap’ croissant. Yummm! The outer layer was crispy and crunchy and the inside was warm and buttery. Yesssss ! Simply cutting into it – you’d be able to hear the crunch and it all breaks apart so nicely. Me like.


Iced Blue Chocolate

I generally love anything with chocolate in it and it was no surprise that I’d go this drink. I was initially a tad reluctant to order it due to the blueberry in it. Both blueberry and chocolate are two rather strong flavors, I was worried about how well they both they’d gel together. However, I was assured that it would taste good and so, I gave it a go. 

Was it good? It sure was. It was also different and unique. If I were to mix these two ingredients myself and come up with a blend – I’d never do it. I would have thought that the combination wouldn’t work  but it sure did. The Ice Chocolate was nice and thick, with plenty of blueberry bits in it. I enjoyed myself with this one.


Address: B-G-06, Block B, The Hub SS 2, Seksyen 19, Petaling Jaya

Opening hours: Everyday. 10 am – 7 pm. ** Mondays, Kitchen Closed but croissants and drinks are available.


Signing out now, Ciao.


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