Cendol Rojak Pasembur

Taman Bahagia Rojak & Cendol @ Taman Bahagia, SS 2 – Good stuff :)

This particular rojak pasembur has been around for more than a decade and unfortunately, I’ve never given it a try…. until now. What a waste , ugh! To think I’ve wasted all those years missing out on a yummy plate of rojak with a refreshing bowl  of cendol on the side is utterly gut wrenching. Yes, yessss – I am a drama queen, I need to be when the situation calls for it, lol. What a waste !

Anyways, this was an unplanned visit. It was after another client meet at Paramount Garden, my friend and I had to head over to Uptown for an appointment and to get there, we took a shortcut through Taman Bahagia. As we were passing by, having stopped at the traffic light, that is when we saw the rojak foodtruck. 

Perhaps most of you have already given this a try, especially with the numerous write ups online as well as all the positive reviews and ratings. It is after all often considered to be one of the best rojak mamak in this part of town. However, if you are a newbie like me and this is your first time, then head on over to Taman Bahagia LRT station. You’d see a small park directly opposite it and that is where the rojak truck is located.






There are plenty of places to sit and enjoy your meal, there is about 6,7 tables available for seatings.  . If you drop by during lunch hour, it might be a lil crowded and you may have to wait for a bit. If you are in a rush, you could always find a quiet spot by the side and have your meal standing, as we did. Beware of red ants though, they are everywhere. 


Rojak Telur & Sotong, 6 ringgit + Cendol Pulut, 3 ringgit


Rojak Pasembur
Cendol Pulut

Food was really good. A refreshing change from the usual. If you like your rojak pasembur sweetish, a lil spicy, nutty – this would certainly do it for you. The rojak gravy was thick and flavorful, simply letting it soak into the prawn fritters, turnips, cucumber, squid, tauhu and egg was da bomb, yawwww. 

We were content on having just the rojak alone but literally everyone else ordered a rojak with cendol, it pretty obvious that the combo was popular. Since we had space left in our tummies, we decided to indulge in this local dessert. It was pretty good! The sweetness was on point, the ingredients to ice ratio was equal. I liked that because even as the ice melted, the cendol still tasted as good as it was at the beginning, wasn’t watered down at all. The ingredients – the green mini bits, red beans and pulut, came in generous portion. 

We had a good time here. Food was affordable, good …. and hey, it isn’t everyday that we get to indulge in some yumminess out in the open, under the trees.  In terms of whether the rojak and cendol here is one of the best out there, I can’t say. There are many offerings out there that is yet to be discovered but if you guys are in the area and feels like indulging in these local favorites, then do drop by.


Address: The small park directly opposite Taman Bahagia train station

Opening hours: Everyday, 11 ish am – 5 pm. Closed on some Mondays.


Signing out now, Ciao.


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