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Enjoyour Food @ Dataran Cascades, Kota Damansara – Decent & affordable (Pork Free)

Ughhh, I just got back to KL after being stuck for almost 10 hours in a car. It was Deepavali and just like everyone else, we too decided to take advantage of the long weekend off. I totally overlooked the traffic congestion though. What was supposed to take me 3 and a half hours, cost me almost half a day – 10 looonngg hours.  Add in another 9 and a half hours on my way up north and that have meant that I’ve spent almost 20 hours sitting, being stuck in a car  My body is aching and don’t get me started on my mood. Looks like all the extra ‘padding’ I’ve got on my posterior region didn’t help much, ey?  Haiyerrrrrr 🙁  It hurtsssss. 


Anyways, moving on …. back to work.


Although Enjoyour Food has been opened for more than a year, I can’t say that I’ve heard of them. Honestly, if it weren’t for my friend wanting to catch up here, I’d most probably continue being oblivious of its existence. This isn’t the kind of place I’d come across/discover on my own . The building is one of those that houses many business under one roof. Unless you have business there, there isn’t much to keep you entertained. My friend, she lives nearby and this is one of her regular ‘lepak’ spots, especially whenever she is flying solo and in the mood for some simple, no frills food.

Location.  This eatery is located in Dataran Cascades, which is the building next to the Encorp Strand Garden office. The Encorp office houses the popular cafe – Fifth Palate. So, if you are familiar with this cafe, then you’d also be familiar with the building next to it. It is also close to  Encorp The Strand Mall, located just across the road, barely 5 minutes away.

Parking. Plenty of parking available indoors, in their basement car park – at a rate of 2 ringgit per hour.








Nasi Lemak Grilled Chicken Chop, 13.90 ringgit + Mushroom Aglio  Olio, 9.90 ringgit with Fish Fillet, 3.90 ringgit 

nasi lemak 2
Nasi Lemak with Grilled Chicken Chop

nasi lemak

Mushroom Agli olio with Fish Fillet

The Nasi Lemak with Grilled Chicken Chop was okay . The only issue I had with this dish was that the rice was a tad hard and the ‘kacang’ was old. I can’t explain it specifically but when you chew on nuts – you’d be able to tell the difference between it being fresh and it being old, right? Yea, here it tasted like it has been around for a while. Minus these two issues, everything else was okay. The ‘sambal’ here was spicy, the kind that gets your tongue all hot that you constantly need to drink water. I liked it, that kind of extra spiciness and heat don’t come by much these days. I also liked the fact that the egg wasn’t fried fully, it was semi done – when you cut into it, the yolk oozes out. It adds a certain flavor to the dish overall and makes the rice all gooey and wet. The Grilled Chicken Chop came with a pretty big thigh piece. The top was sprinkled with a generous amount of  black pepper and so that provided an extra flavor.. The chicken was tender and juicy, a good addition to the dish overall.

The Mushroom Aglio Olio was surprisingly good. I usually give spaghetti a miss because the noodles texture are usually harder than what I’d like or it is perhaps drowning in oil. The one here though was just right. The texture of the noodles were soft yet chewy. The oil wasn’t an overwhelming amount. There were plenty of mushrooms. It was yummy enough to have on its own but we decided to add on a fish fillet, just for some added flavor and taste. It was a lovely dish overall, simple and yummy.

Peanut Banana Toast, 4.20 ringgit + ABC, 4.50 ringgit

peanut bread
Peanut Banana Toast




These two dishes, we ordered them just for the sake of it. We were already full but our ‘mulut gatal’. Between the waffles and Peanut Banana Toast, we opted for the latter, as we didn’t want to over do it and overstuffed ourselves. It was basically one piece of toasted bread with a nice, generous spread of peanut butter, topped with 8 large pieces of banana drizzled with chocolate sauce. Yummmmmm! 

After we were done with the Peanut Banana Toast, we decided to indulge in some local desserts – a choice of either Cendol or ABC. I was interested in the Cendol but my friend disliked red beans, which kindda leaves her with only 2 ingredients to enjoy – the green wormy bits and the Cendol juice. So, we mutually decided on the ABC. The dessert was good and refreshing. It came with red beans + corn + gincau + peanuts and a good serving of ice with sugar syrup. Again, I wasn’t too happy with the peanuts. It was not crunchy and fresh. Besides that, everything else was good.


Address: LG-08, Dataran Cascades, Jalan PJU 5/1, Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya.

Opening hours: Mondays – Saturdays, 8.30 am – 6 pm.

Signing out now, Ciao.



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