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Two Lost Beans @ Kelana Jaya – Quiet, good food, fast wifi :) (Pork Free)

I do not about you guys but to me – while Kelana Jaya is surrounded by eateries, cafes in particular are scarce. Unlike the other parts of Petaling Jaya like Uptown, Damansara Jaya where you’d be able to list your Top 5 cafes within a minute, I can’t say the same when it come to Kelana Jaya. 

There is only one cafe in the area that I regularly visit, Otherwise Cafe – Otherwise Cafe @ Kelana Jaya – A good spot to hang out (Pork Free) It is quiet and condusive. I like how it looks aesthetically, the rustic and woody ol’ school feel. It is a good place to visit when you need some time alone, just by yourself and I’ve also had a couple of non formal meetings work related meetings here. It is a good place, kindda hidden within a row of shops. Despite this being my regular spot, I am always on the lookout for other potential regular spots because come on, going to the same cafe on repeat does tend to get boring … right?

As I came across Two Lost Beans though, I was mighty glad. I think I’ve found yet another spot for some me-time as well as it being a suitable place to have discussions and business meetings. It all started with me having to have lunch on my own. I had a meeting in Paradigm Mall and then, my friends ditched me. Yup, true story.  So, I decided to get out of the mall and drive around for a bit and less than 10 minutes away, I came across this cafe.



This cafe is located on the Ground floor of PJ 5 Soho. As you can see, glass panels surround most of this cafe, which I liked. Rain or shine, it is bound to be bright. It has a rather simple interior, no frills. The tables are all well spaced out, you’d have your own space, that is for sure. During my visit, I was comfortable being left at my corner, on my own. No one bothered me, I had a pretty good meal while working away on my laptop. Yea, they do have wifi, a good and fast one. 

Parking – there is a basement car park in the building with an hourly rate of 2 ringgit.





Mascarpone Salmon, 19 ringgit + Double Chocolate Nutella, 15 ringgit


As soon as I saw this chocolate cake on display, I went for it. Blame it on my sweet tooth. The cake was yummy and decadent. It comes in 4 layers – on the top, there was a hardened layer of chocolate and nuts. Next, a layer of moist chocolate cake followed by a good dose of thickened Nutella. Lastly, on the bottom, another layer of moist chocolate cake. Yummmm! It wasn’t too sweet and it had many layers of different textures that only added to its appeal. 



After munching on the cake, I was already halfway full and so, I opted for a lighter  option – sandwiches as oppose to pasta. This was a simple dish, nothing too complicated. The sandwich itself, the bread is made in house. It was not too thick, dense which made for a perfect texture to have with mascarpone and salmon. The cream cheese and the salmon was a good combo. I liked it. The combination had a rather peculiar but very tempting taste – sour-ish, a lil tangy, creamy from the mascarpone + unique flavors of salmon. The sandwich as a whole wasn’t too heavy, yet wholesome. The dish also comes with a side of salad and nachos. The nachos were nice, drizzled with mayo but if given a choice between nachos and fries, I think I’d prefer my sandwich with fries, I am simply not use to being served nachos as a substitute.


Address: PS-G-03 Wisma PJ5 Soho, Jalan SS5D/6 Kelana Jaya, Petaling Jaya.

Opening hours: Mondays to Saturdays, 10.30 am – 6 pm. Sundays Closed.


Signing out now, Ciao.


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