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Daun @ MAHSA, PJ – An exciting find (Halal)

After a loooong meeting in the office, which mostly revolved around my boss giving us a piece of his mind and in a ‘not so nice’ manner enlightening us as to what a disappointment  we were ….. I was more than ready to call it a day.

Having a sweet tooth, I look for any excuse to indulge in some hearty desserts and so, being in a terrible and yucky mood is valid enough a reason to ‘hantam’. Since Daun is on the way home, it was like killing two birds with one stone – I get to review a new eatery as well as have a go at something I was craving for. 

I last visited this particular location almost a month a go to review Pokok –  Pokok @ MAHSA, PJ – Good food with awesome ambiance (Halal). While I was at it, I took a look around and I must say I was pretty impressed, this particular area where the eatery was located at was aesthetically pleasing.  I liked it and was looked forward to being pleased again, lol.



While both Pokok and Daun are located in the same area, there is a small difference. Pokok is out in the open while Daun is located in the building adjacent to it , on the 2nd floor …. I’d say barely a minute away from one another.

When you first arrive on the floor, you’d see a stretch of mini rooms, one after another. The kind of mini rooms you’d have tutorials in when you were back in uni/college ?? Yup. 



Except rather than having tutorials in it, they decided to make this a marketplace, aptly named Kedai.



So far, there is a cafe – Daun, a gelato shop – Waka Waka, an elegant menswear & shoe shop (there were some beautifully crafted shoes on display there. It may not be every man’s cup of tea but it sure was pleasing to the eye. I was impressed. Apparently, they collaborate with the Spaniards to create them shoes… what a beauty, if only they had womenswear, sigh)  and also a homegrown brand – Wunderbath that sells soap, fragrant oil, bath bombs and etc. Fascinating. I am pretty sure more business will be added in as time passes.

I liked Daun, it exuded a rather lazy, relaxed, chillin’ vibe ? Yea, simply sitting there and passing time was nice.  The weather was awesome, the ambiance was good … all I needed was a yummy piece of cake.

*** There is No Wifi Here







Apam Balik Cake Slice, 15 ringgit + Mushroom Caramelised Onion Pastry, 10 ringgit


I wanted a yummy cake and I got it. I am also happy to say that the Apam Balik cake does taste like apam balik, yay!  If I’m not mistaken, the cake itself is a butter cake? I can’t really tell as I was too busy ‘hantaming’ to take note … sorry.  Whatever cake it was though, it was light yet thick and dense. On the top, there was a nice, thick layer of caramel with coconut flakes and peanuts bits scattered. It wasn’t too sweet and provided a nice crunch to the cake overall. The layer of filling in the middle and bottom has a layer of white cream with some corns and nuts in it. Besides cornbread – I don’t think I’ve had corn in a cake before. It was nice, especially with this being an Apam Balik cake, it even added to its appeal. A yummy cake overall and it comes in a rather large slice… so, enjoy. I certainly did.



This pastry is worth a try. I’ve had mushroom pastries before but here, it comes with a nice twist –  with a hearty dose of caramelized onions. Yum yummmm. The pastry itself was light and buttery and the filling was a nice mix of sweet and savoury. If you are a fan of caramelized onions, you’d love this particular pastry because the portion was generous. It was good.

After we were done with Daun, we decided  walk around and check out the other shops  and their offerings… We’ve included some pictures, in case you guys are interested.


1) Waka Waka Gelato 








This sure was an exciting find. Plenty of things to do. Since I live in the area, I’d definitely be back. 


Address: 2nd floor, Block B, MAHSA Avenue, off Jalan Universiti, Petaling Jaya.

Opening hours: Tuesdays to Fridays, 10 am – 7 pm. Saturdays & Sundays, 10 am – 8 pm. Mondays Closed.


Signing out now, Ciao.







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