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Kin Thai @ OUG – Awesome Thai food. Underrated.

I’ve visited the area often but I’ve somehow missed the existence of Kin Thai. I finally discovered it on my dad’s birthday. You see, he loves Thai food and the rest of the family decided to treat him to a nice Thai dinner. Where at? We weren’t sure. So, we browsed the net including Fave and that was where we came upon Kin Thai. Anyways, long story short, food was really good. My dad had a blast, he enjoyed himself and thought the food here was awesome. The people, workers here were real sweet as well .. as soon as they knew it was my dad’s birthday – they gave him a whole fresh coconut, on the house. I didn’t get an opportunity to review Kin Thai at that point in time as there is a right place and time for that and a family birthday dinner did not seem appropriate.

So, here I was back again, for lunch this time. I made sure not to go in with high expectations because in a lot of cases, the first time is a charm but subsequent visits, not so much. After tasting the food, let’s just say the second time around was just as good as the first. They are consistent. During both my visits though, I’ve noticed that the eatery is somewhat empty. Why though? Food is real good, the folks here are really nice and friendly, the eatery is comfortable … which leads me to believe that lots of people – just like me, do not know of Kin Thai.










Thai Green Curry (Chicken), 22 ringgit + Omelette, 10 ringgit + Kang Kung, 13 ringgit


It was just the two of us this time and we weren’t really starving, so we ordered 3 dishes between us to share. If was between the Thai Green Curry or Tom Yum. I’ve tried the Tom Yum previously and let me warn you – it is spicy as hell. I couldn’t understand how my friends and family could like and enjoy it. I tried but I honestly can’t handle it. Everyone else was slurping it away with ease while I was sweating profusely. I guess some folk can handle it and some can’t. It tasted real good, with lots of ingredients but sadly, it’s too spicy for me. My ass was literally on fire.

To be on the safe side, I decided to give the Green Curry a go. This dish was really tasty. The gravy was thick, milky and rich, packed with flavor. Lots of coconut milk, that is for sure. There were a generous portion of chicken, brinjal and green beans. The dish as a whole was a nice dish to have with rice. Sooo good.



There are three options for omelette – plain, shrimp or chicken. Since we’ve already ordered Thai Green Gurry with chicken, we opted for a plain omelette this time. We”, the ‘plain’ wasn’t that plain. It had plenty of onion in it as well as shrimp paste. The taste was awesome. In terms of texture – it was fluffy and crispy on the outside, warm and buttery on the inside. Yummm!

Burp! I’d definitely keep Kin Thai in mind whenever I am in the mood for some yummy Thai food. My lunch here was a delicious and satisfying. Worth a revisit. 


Address: No. 66, Jalan Hujan Rahmat 3, OUG

Opening hours:

Everyday. Mondays to Saturdays – 11.30 am – 3 pm, 5.30 pm – 10 pm. Sundays, 5.30 pm – 10 pm.

For reservations: +6012 9563 525 (Whatsapp)



Signing out now, Ciao.


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