Acar Mee Siam Nyonya Open Daily Petai Fried Rice Pork Free

Little Heritage House @ Seksyen 17, PJ – Nyonya food, yum. (Pork Free)

WE have been wanting to visit this eatery for the past few months but never really got around to it until now. The only time we seem to remember Little Heritage House is whenever we had to pass by it, on our way to somewhere else. It was the same this time too except that unlike the other times, we actually had some time to spare – there was no immediate meetings or meetups to head to. So yea, since we had some free time, we opted to have lunch here.



We were impressed by the interior/decor. You could sort of tell what the inside was going to look like from the outside but still, it was a surprise. They obviously put a lot of thought into making it as close to a representation of the Nyonya culture they can get. Having been around for 7 years, I’d day that it is very well maintained. Impressive. During the time of our arrival, we had the whole place to ourselves. We took our own sweet time simply walking around, looking through the decors and artworks. The eatery occupies 2 floors. The ground floor is for the usual customers, daily walk ins. The top floor is more of an event space, something you can book for events, special occasions and is able to seat up to a 100 people.





** We may have missed a few pages. It was a very comprehensive menu, lol. We couldn’t keep up.


NyoNya Mee Siam, 20 ringgit + Petai Fried Rice, 24 ringgit + Acar Rampai, 5 ringgit


Petai Fried Rice
Mee Siam



The Acar was a starter and it was really good, soo good that we had to order another plate. It basically is pickled vegetables and had a nice blend between sweet and sour. There was a good mix between long beans, carrots, cucumber. Yummy.

The Petai Fried Rice was pretty good. 24 ringgit may seem quite steep to some of you but do bear in mind that it comes in a large portion. WE weren’t too hungry as we had a heavy breakfast just a few hours prior, which was why we ended up with fried rice and noodles, instead of rice with meat and vegetables. The ‘Small’ option for fried rice literally had enough to feed 2 peeps. No joke. It would have been too much for just one person. The fried rice had loads of petai in it, which I loved. Always having to run off to one meeting after next, indulging in petai is a luxury. Considering I was meeting free this particular day – I can eat as much petai as I want and fart equally as much, lol. Besides the loads of petai, there were plenty of prawns, squids, chicken. This was a yummy dish. My all time favorite would still be the one served at Precious old China but this was equally as awesome.

By the time we started with the Mee Siam, our stomachs were already full. WE had half the mind to ‘bungkus’ it but not before a taste. A taste turn into two and we found ourselves somehow deciding to yet again share and finish the dish. How we found space in our tummy is still beyond me but we managed. The dish was nice, the noodles were of the wet and dense kind. Just like the fried rice, this too arrived in a generous portion. Lots and lots of noodles with plenty of squids and chicken bits.

By the time we left, our tummies were full and we were satisfied. Looking forward to giving the other items a go in the near future.


Address:No. 23, Jalan 17/56, Seksyen 17, Petaling Jaya.

Opening hours: Everyday. 11 am – 10 pm


Signing out now, Ciao.





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