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Xiu Ye Mao Restaurant @ Jinjang Utara, Kepong – Awesome Pan Mee. Burp!

This was an unplanned visit. WE were initially in Kepong Baru for a client-meet and once that concluded, rather than heading back right away, one of our friends requested that we do a mini detour to her parents house in Jinjang. She needed to collect something and since it was just 10,15 minutes away, we figured why not. We used the short time while she was away to look up if there was any food worth trying in Jinjang. Minus our friend, none of us had ever been to this part of town. So, we were clueless as to where to have lunch at. After looking through several suggestions, reviews and videos – we collectively decided on Pan Mee at this restaurant. 

Besides good pan mee, the appeal here is also the fact that the cook/chef and kitchen staff are Indians. Say whatttt?? This is a Chinese eatery with a Chinese ladyboss, with about 98% Chinese customer base … but with an Indian cook?? This, I must see as it definitely is something unusual.




Spicy Soup Mala Chili Pan Mee, 7.50 + Dry Chili Pan Mee, 7 ringgit + Sugar Cane/Tebu, 2 ringgit


Ho ma gawd! These pan mee dishes were delicious, yawww! Burp! Just a word of advise….Try visiting this eatery at noon, especially when it just open for the day – at 1 pm. You can expect good and fast service, awesome food and a pretty clean restaurant. As time passes through the day (they close at 4 am), some of these aspects may suffer, most likely in terms of cleanliness and customer service. We arrived 15 minutes after they opened for the day and so, our experience were all good. No complains.

For the wet version, they offer several choices for both the broth and noodles. What is popular here is the spicy broth a.k.a. Spicy Soup Mala Chili Pan Mee. Keep some extra tissue wih you because be prepared to sweat. The Mala Pan Mee sure does pack a punch. Do expect lots of flavor and heat. The heat here is not overwhelming to a point whereby your tongue burns and is in dire need of water, no .. it is tolerable but it is hot. It is funny to say that our foreheads reacted faster than our tongue? That was what happened, lol. The forehead started sweating and dripping before then mouth did. Anyways, the dish was wholesome and filling. There was a good portion of noodles, several pork balls, a generous portion of lean pork meat strips, greens, fried anchovies, fried onions for garnish.

The Dry Chili Pan Mee is basically the dry version of Mala Pan Mee. It had similar ingredients but dry and not as spicy as the wet version. Between the dry and the wet version, I cant say which is better because both tasted awesome. It simply is a matter of preference. In the dry version, due to the absense of the broth, you would be able to individually taste and appreciate all the items in the bowl, which would otherwise be muted down by the spicy broth. The mix of noodles + crunchy fried anchovies + strips of porks meat – the combination was delicious and if you need some heat, there is always some chili paste you can get into the mix. Yum!

We ended our lunch here with a nice, refreshing cup of cold Sugar Cane drink. I don’t think sugar cane has tasted as good as it did then, lol. My tongue especially was very appreciative of my choice of drink. It needed some cooling down and that was exactly what this drink provided.


Address: 2042, Jalan Jinjang Aman 2, Jinjang Utara.
Opening hours: Everyday. 1 pm – 4 am.

Signing out now, Ciao.



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