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Boran Classic Thai Street Food @ Seapark, PJ – Affordable Thai food

Did you guys know that Boran is actually a chain of restaurants, just like Streat Thai? I certainly didn’t. I was oblivious of its existence until I decided to accompany my friend today for lunch. She too, just like me, have not heard of Boran until she came across a video review on it online. She sounded excited to pay it a visit and I, well .. I just wanted to eat something good and based on how excited my friend was, I assumed that would be the case here – good food.

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Upon arrival, the first thing I noticed was how was crowded/packed it was. It wasn’t just the case inside, outside was the same too. People double parked everywhere. Ho ma gawd. Seriously?? Forget about doing it right by parking at a designated spot because you’d have to keep on waiting till eternity, pal. We had to circle the area multiple times just to get a parking spot within the ‘double park’ section. We would have continued circling the block if it wasn’t for the nice uncle that informed us that if we are heading to Boran , “double parklah, inside got camera.” We had no idea what the ‘camera’ was about but the uncle seemed like a knowledgeable fellow, we decided take his word for it and double parked.


camera 2

Aaaaa, I see what the uncle meant. There literally is a special camera/tv on display that gives you real time footage that is especially handy to those of us who double parked. This is a first for me, kudos to Boran for trying to make our lives easier.


and to those of you who uses public transport, there is this for you…

public transport

Very thoughtful indeed.

Anyways, as expected, during lunch, Boran was full house but the good news was that most of them are office folks and so, the crowd tends to move quick as most of them do not linger once they are done with their meals. Within 5 minutes, we were seated and ready to order.



menumenu 2

Green Curry Set, 13.90 ringgit + Basil Rice Set, 10.90


I don’t know about dinner but for lunch, besides ala carte they also offer set lunches. These set lunches comes with one main meal + drink + dessert. Both of us opted for this option.Β 


all dishpat kra pow 2green ccurrydessert

** Sorry, no pictures of the drinks. We gulped it down before the rest of the items arrives at our table. They offer some interesting combinations, we went for the Earl Grey Lychee Tea, which was really good. Who would have thought earl grey and lychee creates a pleasant combination, ey? They also added in lychee bits which made it even more awesome.

The Basil Rice Set to me was basically Pad Kra PaoΒ  and between the two dishes, both of us liked/ preferred it to the Green Curry. Why? Firstly because the minced pork meat was tasty and flavorful. Secondly because the Green Curry was diluted?? or rather it tasted like they used the powdered version of this dish. Yup. That was what it tasted like – powdered Green Curry. I am one of those who likes slurping the green curry by itself and hmmmm, it tasted weird, very weird. Having it with the rice and chicken though was okay but on its own … I didn’t really like it. So yea, do have it with the rice + chicken. This dish I would not reorder but the Pad Kra Pao, I definitely would. It was flavorful, tasty and the minced meat came in a generous portion.

Would I be back here? If I am in the area and in the mood for some Thai food, why not. If you are looking for excellent, mouth wateringly delicious Thai food – I am sure you can find better Thai restaurants but it you fancy some street food that is simple and taste acceptable, Boran could be it.


Address: 25, Jalan 21/11a, Sea Park, 46300 Petaling Jaya.

Opening hours: Everyday. 11.30 am – 2.30 pm, 5.30 pm – 9 pm.

Signing out now, Ciao.


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