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Nick’s Restaurant and Bar @ Jalan Raja Chulan – Awesome

Honestly, when we first heard of Nick’s, we were kindda skeptical. They offer food of the North Indian + Mexican fusion variety … hmmmm, how does that even work?? Skeptical we were but mostly curious, very curious and soon enough, we found ourselves here.

In regards to our visit, was it good?? Yessss, it was sooo worth it, no regrets at all. The fusion works and I must say, Nick’s offer really good food. The Indian and Mexican offerings here are to die for. No joke. This could probably be right up there in my list of ‘Good Indian food/restaurants in KL City Centre’.

Yummmmm! Burp!!!

Where is it located?? It is located on the Ground floor of the Goldstone Tower/ Holiday Inn Express, along Jalan Raja Chulan. It is about less than 10 minutes away from Bukit Bintang, 5 minutes away from Old Malayaย  and just a few doors away from Wisma Lim Foo Yong. Parking?? The building itself has indoor parking that would cost you 4 ringgit, hourly.



The eatery was bright and cheerful, with colorful artsy decors plastered all around. It was modern with a touch of ol’ schoolness. Adding on to the appeal of this eatery is the owner himself – Nick.

Some background about this gentleman – he has over 25 years of experience in the food industry. A notable mention would be his stint at Lafite Shangri-La, as a chef. Eventually, he left and dabbled in a few ventures, which subsequently lead toย Nick’s.

Nick was friendly, welcoming, entertaining and chatty…. chatty in a way that makes you feel comfortable and at ease rather quickly, never once going overboard. He also was hands on. You’d see him walking around and checking in with the customers, seating walk ins, serving food. I was pretty amazed by this. Usually, most bosses would prefer sitting behind the counter and keeping watch, some may go as far as walking around and directing their workers but that is usually it. Nick goes beyond that. You’d be able to sense his love for what he is doing and it definitely reflects in the food as well because it was da bomb!





** They will be upgrading the Menu in a weeks time. Most of the items will remain and on top of that, they are adding on a few more exciting delights. They took some time to do a lil R&D and test out some combinations. The ones that works are the recent additions. I am sooo looking forward to giving their Mutton Keema Pasta a try in the near future.

You guys could also head on to their website – https://nicks.com.my , for more information, latest additions and happenings, Menu downloads, reservations and etc.





Mixed Mexican Platter







So the mixed platter consist of a combination of favorite and popular Mexican items like Prawn Quesadillas and Tortillas, Chicken Burritos, Jalapeno Poppers and Nachos. I was told beforehand that the poppers were crowd favorites and so, naturally it was the first thing I went for. Yup, it was really good.




The crispy outer layer was thin and crunchy, the jalapeno was nicely seasoned and there wereย  generous amount of mozzarella cheese stuffed in it – just the way I like it. There may or may not be other ingredients like perhaps, minced meat?? I was too busy gobbling it all up to notice. Sorry guys ๐Ÿ™ย  … I simply couldn’t resist it.


The Quesadillas, Tortillas and Burrito – one thing to note is that all the meat used are firstly marinated in Tandoori sauce. This I thought was brilliant because this particular sauce is known for being spicy as a result of it being made out of a combination of a number of spices including cayenne, coriander, turmeric and chilli powder … and upon tasting it, I change my mind, not skeptical anymore. Mexican + Indian fusion does work. The dish as a whole is mostly Mexican – with a twist. The twist here being in terms of flavors and taste, there is a burst of it here thanks to the Indian influence.

All of them were awesome but among the three, I fancied the burritos the most.The outer layer – tortilla, was toasted/grilled to perfection. It was soft yet crispy, stuffed/filled to the max. No stingy business here, yesssss! The minced chicken was nice and chewy, packed with flavor. A spicy burrito it was and cheesy too. The melted mozzarella cheese + tandoori chicken was an awesome combo. Yumm! The Quesadilla (the triangle ones) and the Tortillas both had prawns in it, it tasted almost similar and yet, different. The filling were generous, lots of prawn bits with loads of cheese and vegetables. It was delicious. This platter is worth giving a go if you want a mix of a lil bit of everything.


The Tandoori Platter


If you love Tandoori, you’d be pleased with this dish. It offers you everything you need in a platter. As you can see from the image above, you’d get the usual grilled version of chicken (right) and mutton tandoori (left) and in the middle, is the tandoori chicken dipped in creamy chestnut sauce. The platter was delicious. For the dry version – both the chicken and mutton were well grilled and seasoned. Texture was great too, nothing too chewy. I was initially reluctant to indulge in the mutton because I truly dislike it when they get hard and chewy to a point that even an hour later, you’d still be chewing and it still refuses to disintegrate?? Yea, I hate that and lets not forget the aftertaste it leaves behind – Uggh!. No such thing here, thank god. It was as tender and juicy as a nugget would be. The wet version offered me something different. The sauce was thick, creamy and buttery, with some spice in it. It tasted somewhat different from the usual sauces I’ve come across regularly. The chicken here was softer and more moist than the dry version. This dish as a whole was yummy, I enjoyed it.


Dal + Butter Chicken + Garlic Naan + Plain Paratha



The Garlic Naan and Dal is a crowd pleaser. Apparently, after work, lots of peeps drop by and they simply order a glass of beer and garlic naan. They seem to enjoy eating it like it is papadum?? I can see why, I wouldn’t mind doing the same thing too minus the beer, lol. The naan here is da bomb. Do you see how generously they sprinkled garlic on the top?? The whole piece is covered from top to bottom. I liked the fact that the bread itself is thin. In most cases when the bread is thin, it becomes crispy? Not here though. It still is moist and dense, just thinner that usual. Thinner means it doesn’t fill you up as fast at the thicker version does. So, imagine the thinner version with generous bits of garlic on it ?? Yup, this was a goooood dish. The dal – loved it! I usually go for this particular gravy only when it is thick and filled with lentils. I detest the watery version. It simply feels like a watered down version what it actually should be in reality, right? Here, I didn’t even have to have it with the naan, I simply scooped it up by itself and munch on it. Lots of lentils with plenty of flavors. The Butter Chicken was awesome too. It had the usual smooth, silky texture. Sweet and buttery with pieces of boneless chicken in it. Yummmm!

I had an awesome time here. I ate to my hearts content, food was great and company was awesome. Thanks for having us, Nick. I’ll definitely be back for more.




Address: Ground Floor, Goldstone Tower (Holiday Inn Express), 84 Jalan Raja Chulan, Kuala Lumpur.

Opening hours: Everyday. 10 am – 12 am.

Contact No: 03 – 2181 4545

Website: https://nicks.com.my



Signing out now, Ciao.



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