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Ceylon Flavors @ Brickfields – Tasty Yarlpaanam Thosai

Last evening, after a business meet at Nu Sentral, we decided to get out of there and roam the area for a bit, just to check out if there were any new additions in the area. We haven’t been here for a while, perhaps something popped up in our absence. As we were going around the block, the one with several temples and condominiums on it … yea, we came across Ceylon Flavors. This restaurant is definitely new, 4 months old?

It located on the Ground floor of Villa Scott Condominium, together with other eateries like Scott Matrix and De’Divine Cafe. You’d be able to see it as you drive by the building and parking is easy – just by the roadside. The eatery itself is rather small and simple. At maximum, it is perhaps able to seat 35 – 40 people? If you have been to Yarl – Yarl Restaurant @ Brickfields – Sri Lankan yumminess. , you’d notice some similarities here and there. Some glaringly obvious, while others more subtle. The ambiance is certainly different between the two. It depends on whether space matters when it gets crowded or being slightly cramped up is okay … whether you prefer it to be aesthetically pleasing with some calming music to sooth your senses or without it is totally fine ? These sort of minor details matters to some and so, it depends. I may return here for dinner – whenever I am in the area and in the mood for some Thosai, Puttu and Kottu Roti. Lunch however, I’d rather have it elsewhere.Β 




** Sorry for the lack of pictures. It was a full house for dinner and was kindda difficult to snap a photo without getting noticed. A lil awkward it was.


…. and ooo they also sell these items, specially brought over from Sri Lanka.






Idiyappam, 5 ringgit + Yarlpaanam Egg Thosai, 4 ringgitΒ 

Egg Thosai

It does not matter the kind of restaurant I visit, I almost always order the ‘normal’ version when it comes to thosai. this time however, I decided to be adventurous and indulge in the Ceylonese version of thosai. It was fresh out of the stove, warm, thick and fluffy. If you like your thosai thin and crispy, you best inform them of your preference when you order. I loved it. Tastewise, it tasted like a usual egg thosai except for perhaps some additional flavors. Some spices perhaps?? I usually do not like my thosai thick but it somewhat works here. It felt like I was eating a pancake, an Ceylonese pancake and the egg, ooo that was fluffy too. Yummm! The dish came with a side of fish curry and grated, fried coconut? I do not know what that coconut dish is called but I assume it is a common, staple Sri Lankan dish as every other Ceylonese restaurant I’ve been to serve this this as a side. It was flavorful, I finished it within 5 minutes and requested for a refill πŸ™‚

The Idiyappam Set comes with 3 pieces of string hoppers and you can either opt for the white rice flour version or the red rice flour. the dish also comes with a side of the grated coconut and ‘sothi’?? If you are generally a fan of idiyappam, then you’d like this dish. I for one enjoyed it the Malaysian way, with the assistance of some sugar, lol.


Address: 33-011-02, Villa Scott, Jalan Scott, Brickfields.

Opening hours: Tuesdays to Sundays, 7 am – 10 pm. Mondays Closed.



Signing out now, Ciao


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