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Koffie Craft @ The Sphere, Bangsar South – Dutch food, anyone?? (Pork free)

*** This would be a short post. Rushing into another meeting now.

We had a lunch meeting here today. I’ve been wanting to check out Koffie Craft for a while now, especially since it is located just next door to Family Mart. I regularly drop by this particular convenience store after work to get my ice cream fix and so, it is only natural that I was curious about what’s next door. Koffie Craft offers a rather intriguing cuisine combination – mainly Dutch with a tiny bit of Asian fusion? Yup.






I had no idea what to order, lol. They offer a variety of options, all of em’ super tempting. The menu here consist of predominantly Dutch dishes, with some Asian influence. Seeing as I have no prior experience with this particular cuisine, I decided to ask for some assistance and go with what was suggested to me.


Rijst-Tafel Platter, 23.80 ringgit




I did not know what Rijst Tafel was and so, I looked it up online. I would not have bothered if it wasn’t for my friend who told me that he had this very dish elsewhere while he was travelling Europe. So what is Rijst Tafel? Its literal translation is ‘rice table’ and is basically the Dutch adaptation of Indonesia’s Nasi Padang. History can definitely explain the link between these two countries but history aside, at first glance – you’d have to agree that the combination is intriguing… right?

This dish came with a lil bit of everything. It consisted of several items – rice + cajun fish + pepper chicken + prawns + pickles + sambal + potato waffles + beans + fried egg. . It tasted good. This may be a popular Dutch dish but if I were to eat it without any prior knowledge of what it was, I’d definitely assume that this was a westernized Asian dish. First of all, I loveeeeeeee the sambal. It was very similar to a nasi lemak sambal. Spicy yet a lil sweet-ish. The difference was in terms of texture, this particular sambal was thick, dense and slick. Me like. The chicken was boneless and tender. The fish was well seasoned. The potato waffle was surprisingly yummy. I enjoyed this platter. As mentioned above, the Rijst Tafel offered me a lil bit of everything on a plate.


Address: Unit UG-2, The Sphere , Bangsar South

Opening hours: Everyday. Mon – Fri, 8 am – 10 pm. Sat & Sun, 10 am – 10 pm.



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