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Kews Patisserie @ Taman Desa – A new addition :)

We’ve got a new patisserie in town, yawwww! Kew’s has been in operation for a lil over 2 weeks now and it offers you a range of pastries and desserts. It is located in the same row of shops that houses the popular Charlie’s Cafe and Moobaan Thai.

You’d notice immediately that Kews is different to the other eateries here . While the others are more simple, ‘neighborhood’ – ly, Kews is a picture of sophistication and elegance. It is in a league of its own. Of course you’d see similar cafe in many parts of KL, including PJ, Bangsar, Mont Kiara and etc but in this particular part of Taman Desa, it is somewhat a rarity.



I got to know about this eatery online via a blog post. I am not much of a pastry person but my friend is and since we had to catch up anyway, Kew’s would be an awesome place to do so at. Based on the information available online, besides pastries and desserts, they also provide sandwiches and pies. So, my friend could ‘hantam’ the pastries and I can indulge in some yummy looking tuna sandwich and/or pies …right?? Well, at least that was the plan.

Let’s just say it did not go according to plan. As we entered, we were welcomed and seated. Customer service was awesome, they were friendly and nice. Here, you order at the counter. So, there is a selection of pastries that you can feast your eyes on …..




So, we purchased 2 pastries and while paying, I enquired about the sandwiches – where are they? and was told that it is generally out at lunchtime and was pointing towards the kitchen which I kindda assumed would mean that it was coming out soon. It was 12 pm when we visited which is generally the Malaysian time for ‘lunch’ right? So, it was lunch time and there were no sandwiches but she pointed towards the kitchen a few times – it is fair to assume what I assumed, right? That they were in the midst of making it and it will be out soon?? cause I never really got a clear answer.

Anyways, we proceeded with the pastries while waiting it out till the sandwiches and pies are available.


Ham & Cheese Croissant, 10 ringgit + Raisin Pastry, 8 ringgit


The croissant was good, it was soft and fluffy, with a slice of chicken ham stuffed in it. I would have expected that the chicken ham + cheese combination to have a rather overpowering taste but surprisingly, that was not the case at all. The cheese kindda blended with the croissant, so it was rather mild in taste compared to the ham. The dish as a whole was tasty and is a perfect go to for tea time.

The Raisin Pastry was awesome. This was a favorite of mine. First of all, I love that they included a generous amount of raisins. Secondly, the outer layer of the swirl slightly hard crusted and crispy where as the inner part was soft and fluffy. Usually, it would be a case of either or but with this particular pastry, it had both. I liked it, the difference in texture as well as the taste made this pastry a rather appealing one.


We were done with the pastries rather quickly but because I was on the impression that the sandwiches and pies were gonna make its appearance soon, we waited. Good thing we brought our laptops. Between catching up and doing work, times passed and then, it was 1 pm. By then, I kindda accepted the fact that I ain’t getting any sandwiches. On my way out, I decided to enquire again, just to be certain. The conversation went something like this :

ME: ‘Soooo, you guys have sandwiches and pies, right??’

HER: ‘Yess, we do. It’s usually out during lunch time’

ME: ‘Yea well, It is beyond 12 pm, it’s lunchtime … but there aren’t any sandwiches or pies. So??’

HER: ‘True, True but I don’t think it is available today because if it is, it would have been out here (pointing towards the pastries on display) by now …

I felt like I was in a way misled (between the information available on the blog post and reality) and technically, I still have not gotten a clear answer. All I can conclude based on the information I’ve gathered was that while the pastries and desserts are a permanent fixture, the sandwiches and pies are available whenever the kitchen feels like making them? Yup. Maybe this minor blunder occurred because they are new, just 2 weeks old?? Perhaps there wasn’t enough time?? or perhaps the sandwiches and pies were never meant to be a permanent fixture anyways? This is after all a patisserie, not a full fledge cafe … the only items that are in the MUST HAVE category here are the pastries and the desserts. I would have appreciated it though if I was told clearly that ‘there wont be sandwiches/ pies today’. It that was the case, we would have gone to Charlie’s Cafe after the pastries and ‘hantam’ some Nasi Lemak and Mee Kari … you feel me?


Address: 33, Jalan Bukit Desa 5, Taman Bukit Desa.

Opening hours: Tuesdays to Sundays, 8 am – 6 pm.


Contact/ FB Page: kews_patisserie –


Signing out now, Ciao


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