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Superfine @ Seventeen Mall, Section 17, PJ – Yummm! Me like :)

I sometimes buy my groceries at AEON Seventeen Mall, it is covenient – no traffic jam, parking rate is cheap and with a variety of fresh fruits readily available. About 2 weeks ago, during one of my visits, I came across Superfine. It is hard to miss as it is located directly opposite the grocer, facing one another. Since then, I’ve passed by this eatery three other times and as tempting it was to drop by, the timing was never right. One thing I was sure of though was that I’d definitely be visiting Superfine soon because for an eatery that is just 2 weeks old – they sure were pulling in the crowd. If that isn’t a telling sign of good food, what else is, right?

Considering that I’m still on CNY holiday and these guys were surprisingly open, I decided to use this free time to pay them a visit and I was glad I did because food was da’ bomb, yawwwww !!






Malty Buttermilk Pancakes, 22 ringgit + Nashville Hot Chicken Burger, 26 ringgit



Ho ma gawd!!! Food was good yawwww! Among the 5 of us in the team, I’m the one with the sweet tooth, or rather, the sweet’est’ tooth. Yea, while the rest are all for burgers and pastas, I’m more for variety of desserts. So, between the 2 dishes, I’m sure it’s pretty obvious that I was the one that went for the pancakes. Yasssssss ๐Ÿ™‚

It was one wholesome plate of hearty, yummy pancakes. Look at that plate of goodies – it isn’t just a serving of pancakes, it is a whole lot more. Well, the pancakes, it comes in threes here. 3 fluffy pancakes and it is accompanied by an array of complimenting items – Chrysanthemum custard, Berry coulis, Spiced Caramelized apple, Pecan crumble and Strawberries. It was sooo good! If you love blueberry – this would definitely satisfy your craving. I appreciate the fact that under each layer of pancake, these guys piled on a generous amount of the coulis. Usually, the part that gets a nice amount would be the top and the layers below would be dry and forgotten, isn’t the case here though. They took the time to make sure all layers are filled with a good layer of coulis. Having it with the Pecan Crumble – I loved it! Definitely a burst of flavors … the slightly sourish taste from the coulis + the sweet crumbly from the crumble. Yup, all the items on the plate made this an awesome dish, my favorite combination though was the coulis and crumble. Soo good. To truly enjoy every essence of this dish, be sure to indulge on an empty stomach because it is a wholesome dish, it definitely isn’t just a simple dish with just a few pancakes, as you’d able to tell from the picture. It will fill you up.ย 

The Nashville Hot Chicken Burger was suggested to us. It is apparently a crowd favorite and it was delicious. You’d get a nice big piece of fried boneless chicken thigh with fresh slaw and brioche buns. I usually need chili sauce with my burgers because of the added flavor but this dish requires none of that. The chicken thigh, although fried, was flavorful and despite how it looked, wasn’t dry and then, add on the slaw, which came with a nice amount of mayo .. the combination was tasteful and delicious. I must say I never had celery with burger before but I guess there is a first time for everything, ey. It was crunchy and chewy, which was a perfect addition to the burger overall. The different textures was rather interesting. I loved it. Burp!


Address: Seventeen Mall L01-L02, Jalan 17/38, Petaling Jaya. (Faces/ Opposite AEON Supermarket)

Opening hours: Daily. 7.30 am – 5.30 pm


Signing out now, Ciao





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