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Christine’s Bakery @ Sunway Geo – Bagels yawwww (Pork free)

We visited Christine’s Bakery today for lunch. I knew nothing of this eatery until I came across several pictures on social media that caught my attention. I generally love sandwiches and besides the usual bakery offerings, the main attraction here is their bagel sandwich. The big, juicy kind… ooo my. The images obviously swayed and enticed me, leading me to drive from one end of PJ all the way to this side of Sunway. Yes, I blamed those images, lol.

Anyways, Christine’s is your regular modern bakery. It offers a selection of pastries and cakes, which by itself seemed to be doing well. During the duration of my visit, I noticed many regulars dropping by to indulge in their favorite piece of cake as well as ‘bungkus’ their favorite buns. Pricewise, I assumed that it would be on the pricier side but nope, it was surprisingly affordable.










Chicken Floss Bun, 3.80 ringgit + Choco Bun, 2 ish ringgit


I was all for resisting temptation but as soon as I saw the Chicken Floss Bun, I simply couldn’t do it. As you can see, it started of with good intentions (plastic wrapped) – it was meant to be taken home and eaten but yea, I ate it all, as soon as it arrived.ย Anything with chicken floss on it, I cannot say NO. ‘Sedapppppppp ooo’. The bun was soft and dense, with a buttercream filling, which was rather unusual because normally, it would be mayonnaise instead. It somehow worked here. Then, on the top was a nice spread of chicken floss. The bun itself was not too thick, it had a nice bun to floss ratio, which meant that you can taste the bun, filling and floss all in one go, easily. Yum.



The bun was considered my starter, lol. Don’t mind me, I think I was having one of those ‘eating like a pig’ days. Now, moving on to the BAGELs itself …


Mr Baa Baa, 21.80 ringgitย 

Mr Baa Baa

It was a tough decision tryna pick my bagel sandwich of choice, as it all sounded and looked good. I eventually decided on Mr Baa Baa as I was in the mood for some lamb. It sure was filling. I usually have my sandwiches with bread and not bagels and as a result – I kindda underestimated the size of it. I knew, it was there at the back of my head but I guess but considering the rarity of me feasting on bagels, I definitely overlooked it. Let’s just say, I ate half and decided to ‘bungkus’ the other half.

It was delicious. Mr Baa Baa is made up of Grilled NZ Lamb + Mustard BBQ + Mozzarella + Pickled Cabbage + Garlic Aioli + Mint Leaves + Cranberry Jam. In terms of the bagels itself, there are 5 types you can choose from – Plain, Seeded, All Sorts. Salt and Pumpkin. I opted for the Pumpkin bagel, just for the heck of it. It was yummy, filling and wholesome. It was like munching on a really fat sandwich. Just to get a bite on the whole thing (all layers in one go), it would entail you to stretch your mouth to the maximum. The blend of flavors was nice. I’d never put lamb and cranberry in the same equation, but it works. The distinct flavor from the meat, mozzarella and mustard sauce was made better with the addition of sweetness from cranberry jam. It sneaks up on you. Loved it.


Address: B-02-01, Sunway Geo, Sunway (opposite Donkas Lab)

Opening hours: Everyday. 7.30 am – 9.30 pm


Signing out now, Ciao


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