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Soybean Factory @ Petaling Street – ooo very nice :)

Over the past week, we noticed an influx of readers searching for this dessert shop specifically located in Petaling Street, on our blog. Whenever this happens, we consider it a ‘high demand’ situation , which would lead us to pay that eatery a visit. Sometimes, readership patterns speak for itself. It saves us the hassle of deciding where to head to next.Β 

Soybean Factory offers soy based desserts and the eatery itself looked beautiful, aesthetically pleasing and definitely Instagrammable.



You guy can enter Soybean Factory through the front or back. We did so via the back, through the well decorated walkway of the Petaling Street backlanes. We then arrived at the counter, we placed our order and then head upstairs. While the ground floor looks rather ordinary, the top floor however, that is where the magic begins, visually.




Looks nice, ey? I liked it. In fact, I spent a good hour and a half simply doing nothing here.


No WIFI and they Do Not accept Credit CardΒ  for payment. Cash only and several E-wallets like Touch N Go, Grab and etc.


SoyFac Shaved Ice, 12.50 ringgit



This dessert was delicious. Right on the top is a ball of shaved ice which when melted, is soya bean milk. On the bottom was a generous portion of bubble/ pearl + red beans + cincau/ grass jelly. The mix was awesome. I enjoyed this dish. It wasn’t too sweet, was flavorful and included all the items I liked. Yum πŸ™‚


Four Seasons Soy Milk, 11.50 ringgit


This I ordered simply because I was thirsty. The Four Seasons is basically soy milk with mini taro and purple potato balls. It was rather interesting. Usually what I’d have with drinks are pearls, never taro balls. It was a refreshing change as it offered a different kind of chewy. If you do not want anything solid and instead prefer a drink, the Four Seasons is a good choice.



Address: 141, Jalan Petaling

Opening hours: Everyday. 12 pm – 11 pm.

FB :


Signing out now, Ciao


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