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Beryl’s @ Petaling Street – A Chocolate Affair

I finally met one of my long lost relatives this week …. we spent some time together, took her around town. Fast forward three days later, she’d be heading back to her country and she wanted to get some souvenirs before she left. What better place to head to than Petaling Street/ Chinatown / Central Market ?? Right??

We did the tourist-ty thing. We arrived at 9.30 am and parked at the Central Market open carpark. If you arrive anytime before 11 in the morning, there would still be plenty of empty parking spots left. After we parked, we crossed over and visited the popular Petaling Street temples – the Indian temple (Sri MahaMariamman Temple) and then, the Chinese temple (Guan Di Temple). Given the hot weather, it was a good thing that both these temples were located less than a minute away from one another otherwise, we most probably would have given it a miss. 

Next, we decided to walk through Chinatown and use it as a short cut to head to the other side of Petaling Street – Jalan Panggong as that is where the restaurant, ol’ school kopitiams, hipster cafes were located at in addition to the famous street art. 

…. but before that, while in Chinatown, we decided to indulge in some muah chee. I’ve been craving this dessert for ages and this aunty – Madam Tang, serves some rather yummy ones. It had been around for decades and is a fan favorite. So, if one is in the area, it is worth dropping by if this a dessert you fancy.




Pandan Muah Chee, 5 ringgit

It was yummy. I’ve been craving for a taste the past 6 months and I finally managed to get my hands on it. It was sweet and chewy, the pandan flavor was evident. The crushed peanuts came in abundance here,   the muah chee was well coated. I loved it.

Next, we continued on our journey to Beryl’s.


Beryl’s back entrance


If you’ve been to the eateries along Jalan Panggong, you’d notice that the shop lots are mostly expansive longward. In simple terms, it is longer than wider. There are two entrances into Beryl’s – the front and the back. If you enter through the front, you’d see the first section, which sort of gives you an education on cocoa. 






Next, is the middle section. This is where all the buying and purchasing of the chocolate happens. The goodies, yesssss!










** Guys, the chocolates here are affordably priced and depending on your price point, there are options for everyone. I did not want to spend much and so I purchased the chocolate in small boxes, cost me 5.60 each (the first image). In it, you’d get about 15 pieces of medium sized good quality chocolates. I eat about 3 per day, sometimes 2 pieces … it last me almost a week.  If you want something cheaper, there are also chocolate coated wafers that cost 3.90 ringgit per box. Each box has 4 wafers in it.  They also have muesli bars that goes for 3.90 ringgit each as well.  So yea, usually when I enter these sort of shops, I’d expect the price point to be high but here, there is a lil bit for everyone.


In between the sections in this shop, there are some tables to sit at. There are glass panels above, which brought in natural light. It was bright and cozy.








The last section of this shop is basically the kitchen and a few high tables.







Chocolate Truffle, 15 ringgit + Affogato – Salted Caramel, 17 ringgit 


  1. Affogato – Salted Caramel


I love coffee based desserts and so, it isn’t a surprise that I decided to get myself an affogato. There was a nice portion of vanilla ice cream + a shot of espresso. I liked but I did not taste any salted caramel though. There was suppose to be salted caramel somewhere but where??


2. Chocolate Truffle

This chocolate cake was dense, moist and compact. It certainly was not light and fluffy. When it broke apart, it was not crumbly. It stuck together and broke in chunks. Me likey 🙂 To me, it was somewhere between a cake and a fudge, the density was appealing. It wasn’t too sweet and had a lingering slightly bitter-ish taste. 


Address: Lot 18, Jalan Panggong, City Centre.

Opening hours: Everyday. 10 am – 10 pm.



Signing out now, Ciao



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