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Asia Street Food Club @ Petaling Street – I kindda like it :)

Our visit here started off as a short lunch meeting, the kind where everyone orders some drinks, chat and once that concludes, we leave. This time however, the three of us decided to remain and sample some food, while the rest headed out. Their menu and offerings looked appetizing enough, with focus on two particular cuisine – Local and Thai.

To get to this restaurant, we decided to take the scenic route. So, rather than going through the front entrance, we went through the back. The back is via the popular back alleys, where the walls are decorated with beautiful art.









Tom Yum Gong, 13 ringgit


We started off with this dish. We figured since all three of us were feeling a little under the weather, sipping on some hot, spicy flavorful tom yum soup may just do the trick. In no time, we were sweating and our noses started running. It wasn’t ‘kick ass’ spicy, perhaps a little milder than what we were used to but it gave us what we needed. This soup itself came with boneless chicken pieces + fishballs + mushroom + tomatoes and the other usual items. The dish as a whole was accompanied with a side of rice and egg. The rice and egg was unexpected because we ordered based on the images we saw on the menu. So, we assumed that we would get just the soup alone and that it would be served in a bigger bowl and in a larger quantity, minus the rice and egg. We assumed it would just be a starter, not expecting it to be a main meal instead, especially at a 13 ringgit price point, which is rather cheap … but we ain’t complaining. It was good and we ate it up 🙂


Curry Laksa (double everything), 20 ringgit


Before you ask, double everything here means that everything besides the noodles are doubled in portion/serving size.


This is what you’d get ordinarily – a piece of medium sized meaty chicken +  fuchuk + potato + 2 pieces of siew yok + a few cockles. So, when you order ‘double everything’, you’d get a double serving of the usual.

Flavor wise, it was toned down a notch. I suppose with this part of town being a tourist attraction and all, I can understand what some dish are muted down in terms of spicyness. Not everybody can handle spices like we Malaysians do, ey? Good thing was that they had ‘sambal’ and we piled it on. Yup. It helped a little but yea, still mild it was. It had the usual flavors of a curry laksa but minus the rich, spicy broth that would have made it awesome. 

** and I wished they would have served it in a bigger bowl. The bowl used here is similar in size to the bowls used in serving cendol. Especially when ordering the ‘double everything’, it is quite a hassle. Sure, visually, it offered something different with it being a ‘mini mountain on a bowl’ and all but when it came down to actually eating it, it was very obvious that you would not be able to reach the bottom without knocking over the items on the top. an additional place was definitely necessary. 



Prawn Mee with Siew Yok, 16 ringgit


Well, consistent with the other dishes, this one here too was muted down in terms of spice but the taste of the prawn broth was evident. It was flavorful but not as rich. The sambal helped quite abit. The Prawn Mee came with two large portions of siew yok + 4 medium sized prawns + egg, with sambal on the side. 

Despite the ‘toned down’ versions of the local dishes served here, I think I’d be back. I haven’t really given much of their Thai offerings a go yet. After all, I liked hanging out at Asia Street Food Club. It had an ol’ school feel, with Thai music playing in the background, a nice place to sit down for a chat and cool off. Customer service was great, food arrived rather quickly. If I am in the area again, I don’t mind dropping by again.


Address: 147, Jalan Petaling, City Centre.

Opening hours: Everyday. 10 am – 10 pm.



Signing out now, Ciao





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