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Food Delivery : Santan @ Mid Valley via GrabFood – Surprisingly Good 😍😍 (Halal)

We’ve all been required to limit our movements and basically, stay indoors. It has been a few days and it kindda feels like I am in a futuristic movie. The kind that is 100 years into the future and apparently homosapiens survival depends solely on the fact that we remain indoor because the outside is too toxic and harmful?? I’m sure you guys have seen these sort of movies, right??

Anyways, under these circumstances – what do I do?? Besides “Netflix and chill”, I was totally putting my cooking skills to good use. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper … and I’ve arrived at a conclusion – while I can definitely cook if my survival depends on it, under normal circumstances though, it would be better if someone else does the cooking for me instead. 🀣🀣 So, I decided to have some food delivered to melah.

As I was looking through what was available on GrabFood, I had several eateries shortlisted and one of it was Santan in Megamall. This eatery, if you didn’t already know, is by Air Asia. Some of their popular dishes that are usually available on their flights, are also available at Santan. I’ve been wanting to drop by for a visit but never really got the chance. Besides the food, the appeal of this eatery seem to be their hospitality. Solely based on the reviews I’ve read online, it was apparent that people loved and appreciated the excellent customer service that was provided. Well, I guess it is a shame that I wouldn’t be experiencing that while I indulge in their food for the first time. Oh well, hopefully when things get better with the virus, I can drop by for a visit.




I ordered the “Bundle for 2” which is currently under promotion. What originally would cost you 40 ringgit is now lesser by 11.45 ringgit. The bundle came with 2 main meals + 2 drink, all for 28.62 ringgit, which I thought was a very good deal. The main meals, I knew one of it would be the crowd favorite “Pak Nasser’s Nasi Lemak Ayam Rendang”. That is a must, I’ve had it while flying Air Asia time and time again, it was always enjoyable. The other dish of choice though, I wasn’t too sure what to go for. Again, I relied on the reviews online and saw several positive mentions of the Curry Laksa. Oklah, I decided to take a chance and give that a go. For drinks, there were 2 options available – Roselle Iced Black Tea and Calamansi. I ordered one of each.

At that point, total amount including delivery would be 33 ringgit. However, GrabFood is having a free delivery promo “FREEDEL”. Be sure to key that in into the PROMO tab and you’d only have to pay 28.62 ringgit.


Bundle for 2, 28.62 ringgit



Food was good. Surprisingly good. It was unexpected. I thought the food would be “okaylah” but this exceeded my expectations.




The Pak Nasser’s Nasi Lemak Chicken Rendang was da’ bomb. I loved it. The ‘sambal’ was finger lickin’ good. It was thick, spicy and flavorful. The Chicken Rendang was yummy. The gravy was good and the chicken was tender and juicy. Besides that, the dish came with an egg, kacang, anchovies and cucumber. Overall, a really good dish. The only downside is the chicken pieces, they only provide them in thighs and drumsticks. Other than that, I’ve got no complaints.




The Curry Laksa was really good. I loved the fact that the gravy wasn’t too watery or too thick, it was in between. A perfect equilibrium. Tastewise, spicy with a little heat and a touch of sweetness. Yummm!! Besides the lovely gravy, the dish included yellow mee + shredded chicken + tauhu + long beans + fishcakes. I definitely wouldn’t mind giving the Curry Laksa a go again.



The drinks were both flavorful and refreshing. It wasn’t too sweet and in terms of taste, I’d say where the Roselle Tea is much more calm, simple the Calamansi in contrast is rather strong. Roselle is more sweet and pleasant where as the Calamansi is more citrus-sy and tangy. I liked both πŸ™‚

It was a satisfying experience overall. The food was delicious. Burp!!

** I initially had issues placing the order on GrabFood. It kept saying “something went wrong, please try again later”. Perhaps the sudden increase in people using the platform to order food were to be blamed?? Perhaps it’s a system glitch?? I wouldn’t know. I kept trying but it didn’t work. So, I asked my friend to give it a go. He managed to do it after the second try. I’m just putting this out there just in case any of you are facing the same issue. Keep trying, guys.



Address: F-051, First Floor, Centre Court, Mid Valley Megamall, Lingkaran Syed Putra, Mid Valley City

Opening hours for delivery: 11 am -3 pm, 5.30 – 9 pm.


Santan GrabFood Link:



Signing out now, Ciao





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