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Lankan Cafe @ Bukit Gasing, PJ via Self Pick Up – Oooo indian food, me misssss uuuuu 😍

Okay so, I am currently stuck in Bangsar South at the moment. I was initially in PJ but had to head out this way because the bunch of us needed to get some work done, projects due within the end of the week. So, here we are, all bunked in at my friends place for the past two days.

We initially placed an order online for some Mexican/Western food but I guess there was some miscommunication which resulted in the food never arriving. Bummer!! By then, it was already 2 pm and we were all really hungry. This time however, all of us mutually agreed that we wanted Indian food. We’ve had Chinese, Malay, Local, Western, Mexican, Italian food over the past week but not Indian though. So this cuisine it was but where??? Indian food in Bangsar South is rather scarce. Besides Khan’s Indian Cuisine, there is nothing else available. We were pretty sure we wanted something less fancierΒ  than the only available indian restaurant in the area but where???

This was when my friend said he kindda missed the Kuttu roti at Lankan Cafe and the rest of us were like “Oooooo yeaaaaaa”. So there you go, lol … this was how we decided on Lankan Cafe. It was after all barely 10 minutes away from us. Worth the drive. They are also on GrabFood and FoodPanda but unfortunately, Bangsar South does not fall within their areas for delivery during the MCO period. Yup, yet another reason to drive.

It is rather unclear what they specifically offer during this particular period. Their Facebook didn’t have much information. So we decided to call them directly to inquire andΒ  based on that phone call, this was what we gathered. Items like Thosai, Appam, Puttu, Kottu roti and etc. are available throughout the day. For lunch, they offer Lunch sets – Chichen, Mutton, Vegetarian and etc. In the end, we ended up ordering 2 dishes – Lunch Set: Chicken and Chicken Kottu Roti.

Customer service was excellent. The lady patiently answered all our questions via the phone. Food was prepared and served rather quickly too. 10 minutes after placing the order, food was ready for pickup. Pickup was a breeze. I parked, entered the eatery, paid the amount I owed them, collected the food and headed back home. All was done with ease, within 5 minutes.


Chicken Lunch Set + Chicken Kottu Roti, 26.80 ringgit



There was literally a simultanious ‘”ooo man, sooo good” groan as soon as we dug into the Lunch Set. Yesss, it was awesomeeeee. As you can see, the Chicken Lunch Set comes with a full pack of white rice + chicken curry with 4 pieces of meaty, juicy chicken + long beans + thick lentil filled sambar + cucumber salad. Food was delicious. There was a nice variety of dishes that came with the set, it all tasted yummy and flavorful.Β 



Sometimes, there is an obvious difference in taste when you eat a dish at a restaurant and having the same dish ‘tapau’ and eating it at home … right? Here, no difference at all, it tasted the same. Have you guys given this dish a try?? Unless you have an aversion towards this dish, it is worth a try. Yummy!!Β You’d get to choose between 3 options for base – roti, puttu and one other thing, I almost always go for the roti option, which usually is similar to a roti canai. So, imagine the roti being cut into small pieces while being mixed with flavorful dry curry + vegetables + egg + shredded chicken ?? In the end, you’d get a dry curry roti mix that taste similar to a ‘Nasi Goreng’ ?? Da’ bomb, yawwww.Β 

Burp! Soo happy to have finally had some tasty Indian food.Β 


Address: No.388, 1st Floor, Jalan 5/59, Taman Petaling, Petaling Jaya.

Opening hours: Everyday. Sundays to Thursday, 9 am – 10 pm. Fridays & Saturday, 9 am – 11 pm.



Contact No.: 03 – 77722575


Signing out now, Ciao



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