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Knowhere @ Bangsar via Oddle – Got my burger fix :)

I’ve been alternating between rice and noodles the past week and I needed a break. Perhaps some burgers or pasta might help change it up a bit. I had several options in mind, restaurants that were nearby and do takeaways, deliveries. So, there I was all excited, going through the whole ordering process right up to the payment section …. and that was where I encountered an issue. My MSOS (Maybank Secure Online Shopping)  apparently had an error, which meant that I could not get the code I needed to proceed with payment. The way to rectify the issue is me having to personally go to a Maybank ATM machine and key in my phone number again. Ugghh. I am not planning to do so anytime soon, especially with the MCO in place, which meant most of the eateries in my list aren’t available because none of them accept cash. Yup, it sucks …. what a time to face this issue, right? Thankfully that did not deter me from scrolling Facebook and Instagram for choices. Eventually, I came across Knowhere. 

So there I was, fingers crossed, hoping they’d accept cash and hallelujah – they do! Yesss!

I found Knowhere on Instagram. Now more so than ever, you’d see lots of eateries advertising themselves, half of them having promotions and etc, right? This was how I stumbled upon this eatery and as I scrolled through their images, the food seemed appetizing and it was offering me exactly what I needed, wanted – burger and pasta. I placed an order via Oddle (link in their bio) and it was easy peezy.   After you click on the link, it would bring you to their Menu/ available offerings. 












After scrolling through what’s available, I decided on the Ulam Pesto Pasta and the Krispy Burger. Once the items were selected, you’d then be able to select your method of delivery as well as its day and time. Then, you’d be led to the payment page – be sure to key in the promo code “KNWHRDEL19” to be eligible for a 19% off your total bill. You can choose to pay immediately via online or with cash when you’ve received/picked up your order. Due to my credit card issue, I opted to pick up. About 5-10 minutes before my pickup time, a representative from the restaurant gave me a call to inform me that my order. I then made my way there, arrived within the allocated time, I paid the amount due and collected my food. As I said – easy peezy.


Ulam Pesto Pasta + Krispy Burger, 45.17 ringgit



The Ulam Pesto Pasta is a rather unique dish. Usually when you see the word ‘pesto’ in anything, you’d anticipate the pleasant combination of basil and olive oil in abundance, right?? Well here, the pasta comes with a twist, an Asian twist to an otherwise Western, European dish. The twist being the influence of ulam and Kaffir Lime. As a result, the pasta had a rather unique taste. Yea, you’d get pesto but on top of that – you’d also get a nice dose of sour-ish tangyness. It was a surprisingly yummy combo. I liked it. Besides the tasty flavors, the Ulam Pesto Pasta also included a generous portion of mushrooms, tomatoes and grated cheese. A flavorful dish overall. I only wished they offered a choice of chicken as an add-on. That would have made this dish super awesome. 

The chicken burger was da’ bomb, it certainly satisfied my cravings. Burgers are everywhere but with the outdoor movement  restrictions, it has been rather difficult to sink my teeth into one, sob sob. When I finally did though, I am happy this was my burger of choice. It was big and juicy. You’d get a burger bun on the top  , followed by a slice of ham + a large piece of boneless chicken leg + thick, gooey cheese + roasted vegetables + spiced mayonnaise, finished with another bun at the bottom. It was big, not the kind you’d be able to get the top to bottom in one chew … unless your mouth is exceptionally large. I enjoyed the burger a whole lot. Flavorful and filling it way. Yuuummmm. Oooo, this dish also comes with a side of potato wedges too, in a generous portion. 

I am satisfied. Food was delicious and I am full. Don’t mind me now …. I’m gonna go Netflix and chill yaawwww.

Address: 50, Jalan Maarof, Bangsar.

Opening hours: Everyday, 12 pm – 10 pm.



Oddle link:


Signing out now, Ciao



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