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ParkLife @ Bangsar South via Oddle – Yummy as always (Pork Free)

I’ve been paying this restaurant a visit regularly over the past year and never once did I have a bad experience. Food is usually finger licking good, customer service is great – you’d hear no complains from me. Everytime I am in the mood for something healthy yet delicious, Parklife comes to mind.

It was no different this time, I decided to have a “Parklife” lunch. During MCO period, you can either pickup the food yourself or opt for food delivery. To order, you can do so via Oddle or call them directly.



Since it was just me this time and I am pretty easy going, meat with 2,3 sides of vegetables would suffice.


Clean & Lean Set, 23 ringgit + Morrocan Chicken, 13 ringgit


There were two options for the ‘Set Meal’, although both comes with 3 sides, the difference between the two is that one has meat and the other doesn’t. I opted for the vegetarian version because I simply wanted 3 vegetables. If you are okay with 2 vegetables and a meat, then the non veg version – Balance Set, would work for you.

The Clean & Lean Set allows you to choose 3 sides and these were the available options …



I opted for Roasted Butternut Squash + Roasted Eggplant + Mixed Quinoa. As soon as I picked up myย  order, there was excitement in the air – for me at least, lol. I couldn’t wait to dig in and indulge.ย 


ย Yum. The Roasted Butternut Squash and Brinjal was real good. It tasted as it always does – Yummy! The food served here is simply one of those things that make you go “I didn’t know vegetables can taste soo good.” Yup, there was a nice drizzle of nuts and vinaigrette, a good portion of roasted brinjal + butternut squash + cucumber + sun dried tomatoes + pomegranate + spinach. Just like I always do, I loved this dish this time too. Yummy!

*** If you are contemplating between the Mixed Quinoa and Couscous, perhaps as a substitute for rice – go with the couscous if you are going forย the Clean & Lean Set. You’d get a bigger portion. With the Mixed Quinoa, if you want a proper portion, it is better to order it a la carte. Having it with the set … while it was tasty, to me, it was more of a garnish. Keep in mind that the Mixed Quinoa includes quinoa + tomatoes + cucumber + fennel, which means you’d ultimately be getting just a small portion of quinoa alone.


The Moroccan Chicken delicious. It basically is a piece of boneless chicken that resembled chicken tikka in taste, with added spices. It was yet another dish I’ve tasted before and still tasted as good as I thought it was the first time around.


Address: Unit 5, Level Upper Ground, The Sphere, Bangsar Southย 

Opening hours: Everyday. 8 am – 8 pm.



Oddle Link:

Contact No: 014 9525215 / 03 2242 1193


Signing out now, Ciao


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