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Wake Up Bar via Foodpanda – Yummy Sandwiches.

Okay, so I got tired of eating rice and noodles daily for the past two weeks. Having some sandwiches for a change, sounded real good.

I didn’t know of the Wake Up Bar until my friend told me about it. Apparently, while heading to the train station on his way to work, on some mornings he grabs a sandwich on the go for breakfast. It’s “sedap”, he said. So, I figured today would be a good day to give them a try.

They have a kiosk at Kerinchi Train Station (Bangsar Trade Centre) and a cafe? at Gleneagles Hospital, Ampang.  So, I suppose their area of coverage is rather wide and not limited to only one spot.




As you can see, the Wake Up Bar offer sandwiches, waffles, rice bowls and noodles. I opted for the sandwiches. What I like about it here is that you have complete control on what goes into your sandwich. You get to pick the filling – the meat, the vegetables and the sauces.

I decided to order two sandwiches and and a waffle for dessert. These were my sandwich combinations …. 


4+1+2 Sandwich


3+1+2 Sandwich


The sandwiches were LARGE in size. You’d definitely be getting full halfway through eating them. I was truly satisfied with the sandwiches.


It was really yummy. I am truly satisfied with the sandwiches I received. Here, you will not get a stingy serving of the filling. If you order for chicken ham? Rest assured that they’d give you a thick piece. Chicken floss? They’d stuff a generous portion in. Egg? Thick and fluffy. Tuna flakes? Lots of it too. So, trust me when I say that the sandwich is bound to fill you up real good. “Sedap” indeed. Yummmm!

The waffle though…


Ummmm, I would not order it again. Why?

Firstly, the waffles itself was thick and dry. It had no flavoring, no butter, nothing. Secondly, the filling itself. I requested for a peanut butter + chocolate combination. One half of the waffle had sufficient peanut butter, the other half had none. Thirdly, the filling was half heartedly spread. There was a chunk of chocolate in the middle and very little streaks of chocolate anywhere else.  I had to do the spreading myself.

So, awesome sandwiches, questionable waffles. I’d definitely be placing another order for the sandwiches, perhaps even try their rice bowls next.


Location: Kerinchi Train Station (Bangsar Trade Centre) & Gleneagles Hospital, Ampang

Opening hours : Refer to Website

Contact No: 012 – 6448 190


Website Link: https://mywakeupbar.com/

FB Link: https://www.facebook.com/jad.wakeupbarkl/

Foodpanda Link: https://www.foodpanda.my/restaurant/p9fw/wake-up-bar#


 Signing out now, CiaoTheFoodBunny

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