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Saravanaa Bhavan @ Bangsar – Awesome 🀩🀩

I was pretty sure that I wanted Indian food today but where? Dunno. So, I decided to get onto Foodpanda and see what options I have. There were several but Saravana Bhavan caught my eye. Why? For nostalgic reasons. Back in the day, about 10 years ago, my family and I used to regularly visit this restaurant whenever there was a get-together. I was rather fussy as a kid but I recall loving the Mushroom Fried Rice here. Fast forward almost a decade later, all the kids grew up and went our separate ways, Saravana Bhavan was just an afterthought.

So, when I came across it this time.. it was nostalgic and I thought “why not?.” Just for old time sake, why don’t I order myself a Mushroom Fried Rice, lol. I wasn’t planning to spend much $$$, that was my only worry. If it was pricey, I would rather order elsewhere. I did not have to though because if I opted for Self Pickup, I’d get 15% off the whole bill, yawwwww. Yay !!




Mushroom Fried Rice + Banana Leaf Meal + Onion Rava Thosai = RM 28.74

The food was yummy and the portions were generous. My friends and I, we certainly had a feast.


Mushroom Fried Rice

The Mushroom Fried Rice was real nice. Even after 10 years, it still taste the same. It is a simple dish – rice, with plenty of mushrooms, onions and bell pepper but the ingredients + the spices, da bomb. Its’s vegetarian and while I almost always need meat, this is one dish I can go without. The fried rice comes with 2 sides – mooru with onions and cubed vegetables in gravy. Overall, I enjoyed this dish.


Onion Rava Thosai

All of us thought this wasn’t what we ordered. There is no filling when one orders Onion Rava Thosai. What I think we got was Onion Rava Masala Thosai? Because there was a good portion of spiced cubed potatoes inside. Lots of it. We were kindda bumbed because the person that ordered it is eicly fussy. The kind that cuts of carbs, no rice, no sweets and exercises loke 10 times a day… you get the picture, right? We were kindda worried because while the rest of us were enjoying our meal, she most probably wouldn’t? Imagine my surprise when she said it was delicious. Sure, she removed half of the potatoes but she enjoyed it. I tried it, it tasted pretty good. The thosai comes with Sambar and Chutney for sides.

Banana Rice Meal

You’d get a portion of rice with 2 servings of rasam + 2 servings of rasam + 3 servings of vegetable cooked in different styles + curry and a dessert. This was awesome. It was almost as good as having having a banana leaf rice meal at a restaurant. “Almost” because I truly miss having a meal on a banana leaf. Nothing can beat that but this was almost as good. Everything you need is all there. Ohh, there was some papadums too but it’s not in the image above because it was all in my stomach by then. I sure did ‘hantam.’ Burp!


Address: No. 52, Jalan Maarof, Bangsar

Opening hours: 8 am – 7 pm

Contact No: 03 – 2287 1228


Foodpanda link:

Facebook Link:


Signing out now, Ciao



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