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KomPassion Thai Fusion @ Damansara Kim – Good food :)

I’ve always enjoyed the food at KomPassion. It is delicious but a bit on the pricier side. This meant that my visits here are usually once, twice a month because honestly, money doesn’t grow on trees for me. Between regularly covering cafes and restaurants, paying bills, working, freelancing, regular travelling, there isn’t much $$$ left at the end of the day, lol. So, yea, especially with the MCO, resulting in disruption of work, it really isn’t a luxury at the moment.

So, there I was, fully intending to get myself chicken rice for the day. However, to reach the chicken rice stall located in the corner shop, I’d have to walk past KomPassion. As I was passing, I came across their MCO Menu on display outside the eatery. I wasn’t intending to buy anything but since I was passing by – why not, right?


What??? Compared to their usual pricing, this was surprisingly more affordable, cheaper. As I was scrolling through their Menu, several items caught my eye and it was safe to say that I ended up having some Thai food for lunch this time instead of chicken rice.

** Do check their Facebook page prior to ordering because they tend to add on new offering/ items regularly. 



How to Order?


Rather than Whatsapp or connecting through FB, I decided to call directly and order. I was told the amount due as well as to arrive in 15 minutes for pickup. When I arrived 15 minutes later, I paid what was owed and picked up my food. That was it, pretty easy.


Belacan Fried Rice with Fried Fish, 20 ringgit + Phad Thai, 15 ringgit

Belacan Fried Rice
Phad Thai


Food was yummy and the portion size was large. We shared these two dishes between the 3 of us and still ended up with full stomachs at the end of it.

The Belacan Fried Rice was delicious. The dish comprised of three large fish filllets + fried rice + egg + vegetables for garnish and flavorful green sweet sauce. It tasted yummy, The rice was slightly on the dense side but the texture suited the flavor of the rice. The fish fillets were large, so there was more than enough to last you from the start till the end.

The Phad Thai came with a generous amount of noodles + 3 medium large prawns + egg + crushed peanuts + taugeh + vegetables and etc. The noodles had a sweet-ish taste to it and once all the items were mixed, it embodies the flavors of a Phad Thai. Delicious. Both the dishes were yummy, we were really satisfied. 


Address: No 5. Jalan SS20/11, Damansara Kim, Petaling Jaya.

Opening hours: Everyday. 10.30 am – 7 pm.

Contact Num: 012 – 6907 505


FB Link: https://www.facebook.com/Kompassion.DamansaraKim/


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