5 ringgit instead of 15 Hawaiian Chicken Island Tuna Pizza WoW Ramadan Promo

Pizza Hut Wow Ramadan Promo @ PJ State/PJ New Town – Yup, serve me right for ordering a 5 ringgit pizza 😭😫

Today was fast food day. We had several choices – KFC, McDonalds, Burger King, Pizza Hut or Dominos. One thing we were sure of was that we were all in the mood for some pizza. Now, it boils down to Pizza Hut or Dominos? Majority wanted Dominos because apparently it taste better .. does it? I wouldn’t know as I’ve never had a taste of it before. From my childhood till now, it has always been Pizza Hut for me and today, I wasn’t in the mood to explore something new. So, we compromised. Albeit reluctantly, my friends allowed me to order my share from Pizza Hut while the rest of them had Dominos.

For this month, Pizza Hut is having promotions in conjunction to Ramadan. The offer on the Personal Pizza that was going surprisingly cheap caught my eye.



Considering it was just me and I am not really a big eater, I might as well go for their smallest option for pizza – the Personal pizza. What would normallyΒ cost me 15 ringgit, was going for 5 ringgit now. Woaaa 🀩🀩🀩


I had nine options and ultimately, I decided on …

Yup, 2 Personal pizzas with a Garlic Bread which cost me 13.90 ringgit. Very cheap indeed. Usually, a Personal pizza at Pizza Hut would cost me at least 15 ringgit but under the WOW Takeaway promotion I get to buy it for just 5 ringgit. Since it was way cheaper than anticipated, I decided to get myself 2 pizzas instead of one. Of course, not to eat all at one go but since it was cheap, why not take advantage, ey? Then, just as I was heading towards Checkout to pay, I saw Garlic Bread on display and decided to add that into the mix as well. For 13.90, I thought I was getting a really good deal.

Rather than getting the items delivered, I opted to collect it at the PJ State branch simply because I needed some air and sunlight. It all ran pretty smoothly when I arrived to collect my food. I did not even have to enter the premise. I simply stood outside the door at the entrance and someone from inside took my details, went back in and brought my items out to pass it to me. That was it. Payment was made online while placing my order. So, it was all basically contactless.


Hawaiian Chicken
Island Tuna

So, with the pizzas, obviously there is a difference between a 15 ringgit and a 5 ringgit Personal pizza. The most obvious being the toppings. If you look at the images above, you can hardly see the chicken or the tuna bits. If you are lucky, you might get 5 tiny pieces in the whole pizza, which means that you’d probably get slices without any topping on them. Just pizza base with tomato sauce and cheese for the Hawaiian Chicken and pizza base with tomato sauce, mayo and cheese for Island Tuna.

It all boils down to your priorities. Is the taste important to you or are you all about saving money? As for me, now that I’ve tasted the promo version, I’d definitely forego it the next time I order because after not having pizza for 3 years, I’d like my first taste to be awesome and the 5 ringgit pizza does not provide me that. However, if you are not fussy and you are totally okay with barely there toppings – then by all means, save $$$ through the promotions available.

The Garlic Bread was somewhat a disappointment. As you can see from the image above, it was barely cooked on the inside. What usually would cost me 4.50 ringgit, under promotions, it now cost me 3.90. Perhaps the difference in the 60 cents determines whether or not it is cooked? The garlic bread I received seemed to have only spent 5 seconds in the oven, just enough to heat the outside and give the customer the impression that its cooked. It was the first thing we attacked as soon as we reached home. The bread was hard and the garlic butter, while nicely spread, it obviously did not spend time in the oven. We even had chunks of garlic butter in between the pieces of bread. As we do not own an oven, the best we could do was heat it up in the microwave, which did not help much because the most it did was melt the garlic butter. So yea, it sucks.

Overall, I suppose what you pay is what you get here. Just because it is cheaper, does not mean it is anywhere near as good as the original. As I mentioned earlier, it all depends on your priorities, whether taste is important or saving cash sounds more appealing. In my case, while I saved cash, I compromised in taste.Β 


Pizza Hut Promotions Link: https://www.pizzahut.com.my/category/promos


Signing out now, Ciao.



  1. I will go for the price rather than the toppings because I want to save and I will get full just by eating the pizza dough base. lolx! Maybe you should give Domino a chance. I eat both Pizza Hut and Domino and I feel Domino has a slight edge on their cheese filled crust and thin crust and types of cheese used.

    1. Totally understandable. Although you’ve mention that it isn’t a priority, I just hope they spread a decent amount of toppings for you. It makes it all better πŸ™‚ and yes, I think I will finally give Domino’s a try. Literally everyone I know has said Domino’s is a way better option and now, you mentioned it too. So, I suppose there is some truth in it πŸ™‚

      Thanks. You take care and have an awesome day ahead.

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