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Bean Brothers @ The LINC, KL – A nice place to chill with good, fast WIFI. The lady at the counter though, a mood killer (Pork free)

I like The LINC. Have you guys been here before? It is basically a modern, chic retail space that has lots of greens within and around it.  It houses several cafes/restaurants, a grocer – Ben’s Independent Grocer (BIG), several clothing brands –  mostly local brands of the exclusive/upmarket variety as well as British India. I was interested to check some of them out but I didn’t get a chance to do as most of them were closed during my time of visit. Well, at least I know one more place to head to to  purchase some beautiful kaftans and outerwears. During my wander, I also came across a mini bazaar on the top floor. So yea, there is plenty to do here is you have several hours to spare. The atmosphere overall was lively and bursting with energy. Sure, some parts of The LINC – mainly the top floor, was still somewhat vacant but who cares. The Ground and First floor has enough stuff to keep you occupied. So, if you guys haven’t already been here and/or you have nothing much to do during the Raya holidays, head over here. The change of scenery might be good.

Parking: As we headed here on a weekend, it was a flat rate of 6 ringgit per entry. There were plenty of parking spots available within The Linc itself. The process was surprisingly easy, it was hassle free. 


Parking Rate:

Mondays to Fridays – first 2 hours or part of : 5 ringgit. Every subsequent hour: 4 ringgit.

Saturdays, Sundays and Public holidays: 6 ringgit per entry.

*** If you are a BIG customer, you can get your ticket validated at Customer Service to enjoy discounts. (Weekdays: first hour – free, subsequent hour – 2 ringgit. Weekends: 3 ringgit per entry)


Right in the middle of the parking lot, there is a large tree which extends all the way up. It was beautiful, definitely photo worthy and you’d find that a part of the retail space is build around it, which is cool.



Nice, ey? It’s even more impressive when you see it live, right in front of you.

I visited The Linc because I had about 3 hours to spare while having to wait for my friend to conclude his business meeting at The Intermark. So, my sister and I, we decided to check out this retail space and eventually get some work done. After checking out reviews online, it seemed like Bean Brothers was a good option as many folks said that it was a good cafe to chill and the internet was fast too.

Now that I’ve visited this cafe, I must say I agree with the online reviews. It is a nice place to ‘lepak’ at and it definitely is a plus that the WIFI connection here is surprisingly fast. I managed to get some work done as a result. 

My only issue here was the customer service. Specifically with the lady at the counter.  It wasn’t cool being rudely stared at. Do keep in mind that it was for a rather long duration because everything including the temperature checking, scanning the QR code, looking through Menu, ordering and paying, it was all done at the counter, in front of her. The stare, it was more of a bitchy sort. It was hard not to notice because it was right there in your face. What is the problem? 

Anyways, I didn’t want to make a big deal out of it but eventually I did ask my sister why didn’t she order anything. Her reply was along similar lines. She said she wasn’t in the mood to eat where she is made to feel not welcomed.  I thought it was just me, but she felt it too.  I would have forgotten about it if that was the last time I saw her, which I thought would be the case as I was seated outdoor and she was handling the counter inside. Sadly, no. She kept reappearing at my table to clear the dishes whenever she assumed we were done and oo, the rude stare continues on here too.

 You wanted to clear the plate? Sure but I needed the glass. Why was it so difficult to say ‘May I?’ There were plenty of other vacant spots available, so it wasn’t a case of us hogging the tables. Why do you insist on randomly intruding conversations by clearing the dishes? Couldn’t you wait until customers leave the table to do so? Unless you are telling me that you guys only have limited supply of plates and cups, that its needs to be washed immediately so that it can be used again, I don’t see any other reason why you’d have to do so. I don’t get it. I haven’t seen my sister in ages, due to the movement control order. We had loads to catch up on but thanks to you, lady for ruining the mood by making our first meet up in a long time lackluster. 



First Floor


Just like the rest of The Linc, this cafe had the green theme going on too. It occupies two floors but at the moment, only the Ground floor is available for dine in. There are both indoor and outdoor seating available here. During my visit, the indoor was full, which meant that we had to sit outside. I was initially worried that it was going to be hot but I quickly noticed that they had fan placed everywhere, running at full speed. There was also plenty of shade to protect you from direct sunlight. 

The ambiance was awesome. There were similarities between this and the other branch of Bean Brothers in Kota Damansara. Similar vibe, similar feel. Perhaps size wise a lil different but both are nice to relax and chill at, definitely.





Menu is limited. You’d have more options for drinks as oppose to food. So, if you are heading here looking for a wholesome meal and hoping for a variety in offerings … think again, pal. No desserts here either. 


Grilled Three Cheese Sandwich, 16 ringgit + Iced Flat White, 12 ringgit


The Cheese sandwich was yummy. I liked it. As its name suggest, there was 3 types of cheese involved – Gouda, Mozzarella and Cheddar. Gooey and dense …yum! 

Overall, the ambiance was nice, internet connection was fast, the food was yummy. It was a nice cafe to spend some time at. Doesn’t matter if you are on your own or with a bunch of people for company, Bean Brothers provides a conducive environment for all. It might be a tad noisy from all the chatters and conversations but it shouldn’t be an issue. Would I be back here? I wouldn’t mind dropping by here whenever I visit The Linc, preferably without having to deal with her.


Address: G-1, No.360, Jalan Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur.

Opening hours: Everyday. 8.30 am – 6 pm.

FB Link :

Signing out now, Ciao



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