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Moorthy’s Mathai @ USJ 4, Subang Jaya – Pretty good if you can overlook their slightly diluted curries :)

If you enjoy Indian food, especially of the banana leaf variety, we all tend to have our favorites. There are specific restaurants that we tend to visit whenever the cravings strikes. My go-to would be Aunty T’s, Asian Rice Pot,ย  Puchong Chettinad Mess and Masala Wheels. I’ve been visiting these guys for years but this time, I was in the mood to explore something new, preferably in Subang Jaya since I was already in the area. After some online search, I came across Moorthy’s Mathai. It had an average rating of 3.8/5 from over 670 votes. Seemed pretty good to me and so, off I went.



As soon as you enter, you’d get to see the dishes on display and choose whichever meat and vegetables you fancy. Prior to MCO, you’d be able to sit in that area. During MCO, if you are dining in, customers are seated in the inner section, which I appreciate. Why? This is clearly a well loved neighborhood restaurant and so, lots of folks drop by to ‘bungkus’/ take away too and the last thing I want is to sit in that same area while people move in and out regularly. Being seated in the inner section allows me a separation due to it being located in a different area. Much appreciated.

During my time of visit, the eatery was mostly occupied. Bustling with activities. Lots of chatter and movements. The servers, waiters were obviously busy running around but when you try and get their attention, they do stop and pay attention. There were several times I thought they’d forget my order but nope, they delivered. I was even more impressed when I saw the boss man himself taking orders from customers and helping out. That is a rarity, isn’t it?


Two Banana Leaf Set + Chicken Varuval + Two Fish Cutlets, 33 ringgit


When I placed my order, I requested that they give me ‘chicken breast’ for my chicken varuval, which basically translates to “give me chicken with more meat on it.” I was yet again impressed because they actually listened. Many restaurants do not and considering how busy these guys were, I was hoping to be lucky enough to be given some but besides a few bones here and there, I was given plenty of flavorful, meaty and juicy pieces of chicken, way more than I anticipated. Me like.

Another point to like was their serving of vegetables. More often than not, it is already bad enough that some restaurants use table spoons to serve because the amount served will be little, by the time that spoon reaches your banana leaf though, half of its content would have fallen back into its container. When you ask for a refill, even though it is within your right, they give you attitude. I had no such problem here. First of all, they use the right kind of utensil to scoop the right amount of vegetables to serve you. Secondly, if you do request for a refill, they scoop the same amount of vegetables they did prior for this time too. There was no stingyness or attitude. I liked this very much.

The Banana Leaf Set comes with rice + 4 vegetables + papadum + rasam + curry. During my time of visit, the vegetables were taugeh, cucumber with onions and yogurt, cabbage with lentils and pumpkin. My favorite was the pumpkin and cabbage as evident from my request of refills, lol. It was yummy. The chicken varuval had plenty of flavor and plus the meaty pieces I received, it was da bomb. The cutlets were tasty. It was crispy on the outside and dense on the inside. There was a nice blend between fish and mash potato. Nice flavors. Overall a yummy meal. Burp! The only downside was their curry, it was a lil diluted for me. This is strictly a matter of personal preference. I for one like my gravy thick and packed with flavors. The ones here while had flavor, it was a tad watery. Besides this, everything else was pretty good.


Address: 24, Jalan USJ 4/9g, USJ 4, Subang Jaya.

Opening hours: Everyday. 7 am – 7 pm

Contact Num.: 0163719894 / 0123563694



Signing out now, Ciao


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