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Wok It @ Bangsar – Yummy 😍😍 (Halal)

Things seem to be back to normal now, almost normal. Folks going back to work, roads are back to being busy and and eateries slowly easing up into allowing their customers to dine in. I’ve been out and about for the past two weeks but surprisingly, after getting use to being indoors for months, heading out does seem a lil odd. I actually started missing takeaways and deliveries. Prior to MCo, I’ve never been one to get takeouts but now, I’ve completely flip sides. Surprise, surprise.

Anyways, after a few days of going without, I’ve decided to get myself some takeaways for lunch from Wok It Bangsar. I’ve heard nothing but good things about them from my friends – food is good and fast service. I checked out their menu and it only got my stomach rumbling in anticipation and excitement. If you guys fancy some noodles or/and rice bowls with local flavors and affordably priced – Wok It is for you.



For now, I think only delivery and take aways are available. I opted for self pickup because I was already in the area, specifically at Menara Uoa Bangsar. Had a short catch up session with a friend and I figured that this would be the right time to try out this eatery as it is located just opposite the road from where I was.When I arrived to collect my meal, there was already a waiting line. It seems like Wok It is a fan favoriteΒ  among the working folks in the area.Β  Plenty of deliveries going out too.Β  The restaurant is design in such a way whereby the kitchen is visible from the counter and the front. From what I saw, they had about 6,7 cooks going at it, cooking nonstop the entire duration I was there.Β 




Wok It Box – Mango Sweet Chilli, 12 ringgit + Value Meal for 1 Β (Bowl)Β  – Salted Egg Chicken, 15.90 ringgit


I initially ordered ‘Kam Heong Chicken’ for both the bowl and the box. However, it was sold out by the time I arrived to pay and collect my food. Bummer. So, if you guys are a fan of this particular style, it is best to place your order early.

For the Wok It Box, my noodle of choice was Kuey Teow. With the 12 ringgit it cost me, it comes with an option of choosing 2 vegetables and one meat. There were several options to choose from and so, if you intend to add on addition items beyond the accepted quota – you can do so. Just anticipate an increase of 1 ringgit at least per additional item. My particular combination was Mango Sweet Chili for sauce, Capsicum and Broccoli for vegetables and Chicken for meat with spring onions for garnish. I must admit, when I first received my order, the takeout box was rather small which lead me to wonder whether paying 12 ringgit for a small amount was worth it. First thing I did when I reached hone was chuck the contents of that box onto a plate and I sure was surprised.

For a small box, it sure can contain a lot of noodles. I was surprised. Tastewise, the noodles were yummy. Sure, I was a little disappointment when I was told the Kam Heong sauce was sold out but the Mango Sweet Chili sauce was an awesome choice. I thought it would be all sweet but there was some spiciness in there too. I loved it. The dish overall was tasty. I’d order it again. Definitely.

For the Value Meal for 1, the set comes with a rice bowl of your choice + chips + drink. For the rice bowls, besides Kam Heong, they offered 2 other flavors – Salted Egg Chicken, which was my pick and Orange Chicken.Β  Again, lots of rice and generous amount of chicken coated with thick salted egg sauce and an egg. I loved it. Plenty of flavors and tasted awesome. The chips were something new as I’ve never tasted these sort of chips. It was thin, crispy and it sure did come in a large quantity. It tasted good and I especially liked the mayo sauce that came with it. Its provided that extra ummph because it wasn’t a usual mayo, what it was is mayo with dried shrimp paste in it? It was da bomb. A perfect addition.

All in all, I was well fed and well satisfied. Burp!! I’d definitely be back again for more.


Address: No 38, Jalan Bangsar Utama 1, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur
Opening hours: 10 am – 7.30 pm. Sundays Closed.

Website Link: https://wokit.my
FB Link:https: //m.facebook.com/wokit.my/
Order link: https://order.wokit.my

Contact Num.: 03 – 5611 4971


Signing out now, Ciao


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